No matter where you live, having a great deli nearby as a delicious and fresh lunch option is something that most foodies can agree is an essential requirement in life. I mean, really…who doesn’t love deli sandwiches? Most of the time they’re healthier, lighter, and easier to handle than, say, a giant burger or your favorite pizza. And when you find a really good shop, it’s pretty much “your place” for life, right? Enter Neighbor’s Deli. For me, this is MY new place. And all that stuff I said about healthier and lighter food? Oh, they can do that if you want, but it’s not the norm here. Here, they pile the meat so high that you can barely see over the lid! But even more than that, do you want to know my favorite thing about this place? It’s that they’re doing the same thing with breakfast sandwiches, too!!


I first learned of Neighbor’s Deli through a blog post that Jim Ellison of CMH Gourmand wrote a few years ago, where he told about his misadventures in tackling the Deli’s behemoth eating challenge known as The Monolith (A sandwich so huge that it makes the Dagwood wet itself). I’ll save the details on that particular menu item for a future post when I can brag about how I put it down like the culinary demon that it is (I will defeat you, Monster!!).


Neighbor’s Deli is located in a strip of shops on Henderson Rd., and is right next door to another U.A. breakfast favorite, Cuco’s Taqueria. The space is compact, but is bright and clean. It’s designed to steer you right toward the order counter, where the shop’s owner, John, and his staff slice up your favorites.


The dining room is a simple space, and I’m told by John that they usually get pretty packed around the lunch rush during the week and for breakfast on Saturdays when there’s an early Ohio State game. Luckily for us, the Buckeyes were playing a night game on the day we visited, and we avoided the crowds until folks started filing in for lunch around 11.


Written on chalkboards that stretch the length of the inner wall, Neighbor’s deli menu is quite impressive. As you can imagine, most of the items are huge sandwiches, like monster reubens, clubs, grilled melts, hoagies, scrollers (wraps) and more. Much of the menu is comprised of John’s specialty creations – combinations of just the right ingredients discovered simply through trial and error.

The breakfast menu is small, but huge. I dare you to find something on this six-item menu that you wouldn’t love. Seriously.


We decided to order from both the breakfast menu and the regular menu during this visit. I opted for the Cheesesteak & Eggs ($8.00), which was recommended by the owner, himself. It was an enormous sandwich with equally enormous flavors – thinly sliced, marinated sirloin steak, grilled sweet peppers, onions (maybe just a tad too many for me), white American cheese, and two fried eggs stuffed into a fresh, homemade 7-inch hoagie roll.  This was truly the ultimate breakfast sandwich. John asked me to try a “secret sauce” he’d been working on, and honestly, my best guess is that it was a simple combination of honey mustard/barbeque/hot sauce, and it worked really well with the cheesesteak.


Mrs. Grub Guy ordered the California ($5.50), a terrific sandwich made with eggs, cheddar cheese, sliced avacado, and about a half pound of bacon! Seriously, this thing was HUGE for a half-sandwich (the picture really doesn’t do it justice)! She ordered it on Sun-dried tomato, but also had the option of several other breads or one of their fresh, house-made bagels. Being the bacon fan that she is, she enjoyed this sandwich tremendously. And the crispy cheese around the edges was a surprise bonus :)


When we first arrived, the boy saw a row of hoagies being prepared for another order, and decided that was what he wanted, nevermind that this was our first meal of the day. So, we ordered him a half-sized Roast Beef & Turkey Club Hoagie ($5.75). Forget those stingy chain places, this is the way a hoagie is supposed to look!! It was piled high with fresh turkey, roast beef, bacon, mayo and veggies. He ate half of the half, and was full. Big sandwich.


Here’s a look at another beauty, The Undertaker ($5.75/half). John told me that he named this sandwich after a friend of his, who worked in a funeral parlor, asked him to make him a sandwich. It’s an absolutely huge sandwich made with fresh-sliced roast beef, which is grilled and layered with Swiss, a mountain of delicious cole slaw, and horsey sauce, cradled between two slices of grilled, marbled rye. You definitely need some sturdy, plastic utensils for this one. It’s a bit messy, but the flavor is incredible!! This is one of my favorites so far, but I’ve only tried about a half-dozen items on the menu…I’ve still got a long way to go!!


We finished our meal with some fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies ($1.00/3) upon the boy’s request. Dessert after breakfast? I mean, sure…why not!

As you can see, nothing that Neighbor’s Deli does is small. If you’re a fan of deli, or breakfast, or lunch, or just food in general…you have got to check this place out! I’ve been several times now, and honestly everything I’ve ordered has been super fresh and delicious. It’s obvious that John and his staff are focused on two main points: Great food and customer satisfaction. I’d say they are excelling at both.

Pro tip: During the Buckeyes’ season, Neighbor’s offers a tremendous “Game Day Special” – any two, large hoagies for only $16.99! What a great deal!!

Neighbor’s Deli is located at 2142 Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43220 (Map). They are open Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, and Sunday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. For more info, visit them on Facebook and at their website.

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We know that Columbus loves coffee, right? And it seems as though we all have our favorite local roasters or coffee shops to which we gravitate toward again and again for any number of reasons – maybe it’s close to home/work/school/the gym/wherever…perhaps it’s the coffee selection…maybe the view…or possibly an untold number of others. So, with this post, I thought I’d share with you one of my all-time favorite places in Columbus to sit and sip an espresso or a pour over. It’s a place that offers a relaxing atmosphere where the staff is ultra-friendly and knowledgeable, and a place that serves one of the most famous breakfast casseroles in Cbus – Yup, I’m talking about Luck Bros Coffee House.


Luck Bros sits in a colorful row of shops along W. 1st Ave in Grandview, where it’s sandwiched between Marshall’s and an Old Bag of Nails pub. The street is pretty quiet, which makes it all the nicer for sitting outside when the weather cooperates. I’m pretty surprised actually that I haven’t reviewed Luck Bros up to this point, but it’s been a while since I’ve visited. Again, though…for me, this is one of those places that draws me in. The comfy atmosphere inside makes it all the easier to just grab my laptop or a good book, and settle in with a warm cup of something.


The shop’s owner, Andy Luck, ensures that everyone who is involved in your coffee experience is highly knowledgeable and passionate about bringing you coffee of the highest quality. Luck Bros offers many of the usual coffee shop/roaster selections, from your standard cup of coffee to espresso, cappuccino, lattes, and some cold brew as well. They’ll also be happy to serve you a fresh pour over, a cup of French press, or even some herbal teas if that’s your thing.


On the morning I visited, I ordered a medium Caramel Bullseye Espresso ($4.25) as my drink of choice, and a freshly prepared helping of their famous Breakfast Bake ($4.25) to fill my belly.


My coffee was amazingly smooth and rich. Luck Bro’s uses Snowville Creamery’s 2%, which adds an incredible creaminess to the drink. I didn’t have any troubles putting this one away.


Luck Bros roasts their coffee on site, which, as you can imagine, permeates the air with an alluring aroma that is simply impossible not to love. It’s fun to get here early and watch the roasters at work, roasting beans to perfection. It really does bring a new appreciation to coffee consumption.


Luck Bro’s Breakfast Bake is one of their most popular food items. They also serve a variety of scones, pastries, cookies, bagels, and donuts from various local bakers, but this would kind of be what you would call their signature item. It’s an easy-to-like casserole which is simply made up of layered hash browns, cheese, eggs and kielbasa sausage. Andy claims it’s an old family recipe that has been handed down, and one that he decided to try in the shop. I, for one, am glad he did. I would highly recommend it to any first-timer.


Luck Bros also offers home brewing supplies, freshly roasted beans or fresh grounds, and other things like branded mugs for purchase in their shop. I just thought the quirkiness of these character drawings on their newest mugs was fun, and the logo mugs are really cool, too. Andy and his staff are more that willing to help answer any questions you have about home brewing or the products they sell.


Luck Bros is totally just an all-around great place to sit and hang out with a friend and catch up over some java, to write a paper, or to simply enjoy a free morning of relaxation. It’s definitely one of my favorite shops in town. I’d highly recommend stopping in for your favorite hot or cold cuppa joe the next time you’re thinking of trying a new spot, and be sure to grab a big slice of the Bake. It’ll get you started off on the right foot, and put a smile on your face. Really. Come see if I’m lyin’….

Luck Bros Coffee House is located at 1101 W. 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43212 (Map). They’re open Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm, and Saturday – Sunday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. Feel free to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, IG, or visit their website for up to date info.

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I recently went on a job interview where the owner of the company invited me to breakfast so that we could discuss my qualifications over a plate of eggs (free breakfast? Sure!!). Aside from my professional experience, he also seemed genuinely intrigued about the whole idea of photo-documenting my breakfast adventures, and about my writing experience, so I was more than happy to accompany him to an out of the way strip mall at the corner of McKinley and W. 5th Ave, for breakfast at a little diner that I honestly never knew existed – Spiro’s Plaza Cafe.

Spiro’s is a quiet little storefront diner that serves American and Greek cuisines. They offer a pretty limited breakfast menu which sticks to the basics, with nothing that really gets too overly creative or complicated. Their lunch and dinner menus offer a wider variety of Greek dishes, along with lots of old-fashioned family diner favorites.

The restaurant itself is divided into two halves – a bar side, and a dining room. I did take photos of the interior, but they were somehow deleted while I was compiling my photos for this post. Spiro’s is pretty quaint and neutral, and by that I mean that there really isn’t much to look at, or a whole lot of  character to the place. The dining room is clean and neat, but actually kind of plain. The bar is small, and is surrounded by a handful of high-top tables and a flat-screen TV, but otherwise, uneventful. The morning we visited, there were a couple of tables occupied by some younger folks on the bar side, but the dining room seemed to be where the older folks preferred to be. It was sort of strange, in a comfortable way.


My potential employer seemed to be a semi-regular at this joint, so we were waved in as soon as we arrived, and told to grab a seat wherever we liked. We scooted into a booth on the side of the room, and our waitress immediately brought out water and two mugs of warm diner brown. She was the only server in the restaurant that morning, and was very friendly and talkative. She made sure all of our dining needs were met and that our coffee cups never emptied more than half a cup. Great service!


As I mentioned, their breakfast menu was relatively small, but most of the classic diner bases are covered.


After looking over the menu for a minute or two, I decided on the Greek Omelet w/ gyro meat ($7.79). This dish was a BIG 3-egger filled with feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, and the gyro meat. You can also order this without the meat, but why would you?? It came with a big helping of home fries that were cooked well, but needed some seasoning. Thankfully, the salt and pepper shakers on the table were full, so it wasn’t so bad. It also came with some nice, buttery toast.


My omelet was pretty tasty, and had plenty of filling. The gyro meat was good, but was obviously prepackaged. It didn’t deter much from the omelet, but I’m not too sure I’d be as forgiving if I were to order an actual gyro. Nonetheless, I was pretty satisfied with my meal, and thanked my interviewer for treating me to a good plate of grub.


My dining companion ordered the Steak & Eggs ($10.49) which came with some of those potatoes and toast. He graciously offered his plate to me for photos, and I secretly wanted to steal a bite of his steak. He ordered his eggs over easy, which looked pretty spot on, and his steak medium.


Unfortuntely, his steak left a lot to be desired. It was quite small and seemed to have been cooked previously, and then just reheated with a little bit of a seer to each side when ordered. It was definitely not cooked medium, but was an overcooked well done. He did say that it was seasoned nicely, however.

Overall, I was grateful for the meal and the opportunity to discuss our potential business relationship. The plates at this cafe are large and filling. Spiro’s definitely isn’t the most trendy, happening place in town, but it would be a perfect spot to take your parents or grandparents for a nice diner-style meal.

Spiro’s Plaza Cafe is located at 2958 McKinley Ave, Columbus, OH 43204 (Map). They’re open Monday – Saturday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. For more info, check out their Facebook page here.

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Recently, Travel + Leisure named Creole Kitchen, an authentic Louisiana cajun-style, take-out spot on Columbus’ near east side, among their picks as one of the “Best Breakfast Restaurants in the U.S.” That, my friends, is a pretty big deal! It’s not a huge surprise for Columbus’ breakfasts to be featured in the national spotlight, since my pal Nick Dekker of Breakfast with Nick has recently helped to propel our city’s morning food scene towards iconic status across the country, being featured in several national newspapers and publications. But this one is a little bit different. Although they have been known to serve breakfast to up to 600 hungry people in a single Saturday morning, Creole Kitchen isn’t a restaurant that you really hear that much about. For some reason, they’re not a name many people throw out there when discussing the excellent regional U.S. cuisine that we enjoy in our city. But they should be.

Creole Kitchen has been on my list of restaurants to check out “some day” for a long time, but their recent nod from T+ L gave me a reason to be excited to find out what they have to offer.


Creole Kitchen was founded by Chef Henry Butcher in 2006, after having cooked for Columbus restaurant goers for over 30 years prior. He’s worked in the kitchens and been executive chef for some of the top restaurants in Central Ohio for decades. He opened the storefront spot in the Mt. Vernon Plaza to showcase his Louisiana Bayou cooking style and skills, and has been working as his own boss, in his own kitchen, ever since.

The restaurant itself is a tiny storefront spot that sits at the end of an old strip mall, and with not much visible signage out front to speak of, the shop is barely noticeable from the street. Once you pull into the parking lot, however, all you need to do is look for the crowd of people gathered outside, waiting for their food to be ready, to direct you to your destination.

Inside, the huge menu board welcomes you with open arms, and thrusts an impressive array of New Orleans-inspired fare at you right up front. It’s broken down into several sections, with the three main portions being “Breakfast”, “Entrees” and “Po Boys”, and features specialties like Seafood jambalaya, fried gator, tasso gumbo, fried catfish Creole, and of course, red beans and rice. Breakfast mixes a slightly milder variety of Cajun favorites such as andouille sausage omelets, a collard greens and pepper cheese quiche, and a creole eggs benedict, along with many typical diner breakfast plates like French toast, pancakes and breakfast sandwiches.


A whiteboard displays the daily specials, which they update for both breakfast and lunch. On the day I visited, their Whiting fish & grits special was the most expensive meal on the entire breakfast menu, at a still very affordable price of $7.00. The rest of their breakfast choices are all $6.00 and under, which is pretty unheard of these days. Their lunch and dinner entrees will set you back anywhere between $9 – $15, but still, a great deal for the quality and quantity Chef Butcher provides.


As I mentioned, the dining area is very small, with a total of four 2-seater tables. For years, most of Creole Kitchen’s orders have been from take-out customers, but that is about to change in the near future. Chef Butcher is expanding his restaurant from a small, in & out pick-up counter, to a full service, sit down restaurant. They are currently renovating the space next door and will be knocking out the far wall to feature a larger, more open dining room. I’m positive, with the amount of people I saw come and go in the short time I was there, that the new space will most certainly be packed frequently.


One of the things I always enjoy is when a restaurant has an open kitchen, as was the case here. It’s great to see the kitchen staff cooking your food hot and fresh. Chef Butcher and his son were hard at work on this morning.


I started with an order of the Beignets ($3.00). In case you’re not familiar, “beignet” is the French term for a pastry – basically fried dough, like a fritter, and traditionally served in New Orleans as a breakfast pastry topped with lots of powdered sugar. They’re traditionally prepared right before consumption to be eaten fresh and hot. These were unbelievably light and airy, with a slightly crispy outside. The powdered sugar added just the right amount of sweetness. These were so good!!


The Eggs Basin Street ($6.00) is the dish that was featured by Travel + Leisure, so I knew I wanted to try this one. It features a river of grilled andouille sausage and red beans flowing between two scoops of creole rice, and topped with two perfectly poached eggs and beamaise sauce. Ok, let’s break it down. First, the andouille was incredible. Spicy and flavorful, it was my favorite component of this dish. The red beans were very good too, but maybe a little thicker than I usually prefer. Nonetheless, they had really good flavor and paired well with the rest of the meal. The creole rice was really good, cooked nicely and seasoned well, with a little spice and a little cinnamon. The poached eggs were excellent, and the beamaise sauce on top was creamy and spicy in its own right. This dish had tons of complexity, tons of flavor, tons of texture, and absolutely tons of deliciousness!! Not to mention, the portions were enormous! All of their dishes are served to-go in a styrofoam container, and this container was so heavy that Mrs. Grub Guy could hardly handle it!!


We also went with one of their daily specials, the Whiting fish & grits, 2 eggs and toast ($7.00). The fish was a large plank of seasoned, cornmeal-battered Whiting, that was cooked very well. We eat a lot of fish at home, and the seasoned cornmeal tasted very similar to the stuff my wife makes – a recipe she learned from her grandmother, which is excellent!! It was flaky and hot, not overcooked. I’m not a big fan of grits, but the wife enjoyed them. The eggs were a little overdone (I asked for over easy), but were ok and still had a little runniness to the yolks. Overall, I much preferred the other dish to this one, but the wife liked it.


Outside, I snapped this photo of the signs that are up next door, announcing the (hopefully) soon arrival of Chef Butcher’s Creole Kitchen – a full-service dining establishment!!

I’m mixed on my feelings about this trip. The food was really excellent. The staff was friendly and didn’t make any of us feel like outsiders. I think I’ll wait to come back again when the larger dining room is open for business, so that I can enjoy more of Chef Butcher’s food in a relaxed, sit-down space. For what it is, and has been, the current set up works perfectly if you’re just looking to pick up and carry out. For a sit down experience, this isn’t it…yet. If you’re just itching to try it now that you’ve seen the goods, go for it! You definitely won’t be sorry. And don’t let the neighborhood deter you – everyone we met and talked to was friendly and welcoming.

I can certainly see why T + L picked Creole Kitchen was one of their favorites. With the quality of food that comes from the kitchen, and prices that can’t be beat, how can you not love it??

Creole Kitchen is located at 1052 Mt. Vernon Ave, Columbus, OH 43203 (Map). They’re open Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm, and Friday – Saturday, 7:00 am – 9:00 pm (breakfast served until 10:30 am). For more info, you can browse their website, or Facebook page.

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October Gift Card Giveaway!!!

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Hey guys, it’s that time again….time to give away some loot!!

Our friends Thad and Jess Kittrell from 101 Beer Kitchen have generously donated a $25 gift card card for our by-monthly giveaway!! If you haven’t been to 101BK for their awesome Saturday and Sunday brunch yet, here’s your chance to score some plastic that equals free grub at this hip new gastropub, located just off of Sawmill Rd in Dublin. In addition to brunch, they have a delicious lunch and dinner menu, and of course, a huge selection of your favorite beers!!

Ok, so here’s all you need to do to win – simply respond to this post with a comment of your favorite local Fall or pumpkin food, and where you find it!! Really…that’s it!! Just click the comment bubble at the top of this post, and let me know which local joint is serving the fall treats that you look forward to all year.

As always, Mrs. Grub Guy will randomly draw a winner on Sunday, October 12th, and will post the name of the winner here on Monday, the 13th.

Be sure to spread the word!! TBGG is giving away free local food again!!!

UPDATE!!!!! The winner of the $25 101 Beer Kitchen gift card, as randomly selected, is…..Tippy O’Brien!!! Tippy, please email your contact info to me at thebreakfastgrubguy@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who entered!!!!


If you take a stroll though the Short North, the University District, or the streets of Grandview, you’ll quickly discover something that most central Ohio foodies already know – these are the places that any fan of locally roasted coffee want to be! These neighborhoods have no shortage of amazing, small-batch coffee roasters and coffee shops serving some of the best locally brewed coffee in America. But outside of those popular dining and drinking sections of town, it can be hard for a coffee lover to find a good cup of java. With this past Monday being National Coffee Day, and me being out and about on the Southwest side of town, I felt it my duty to seek out a cup of joe that didn’t come from a fast food joint or a gas station. I’ve passed by Mean Bean regularly for a couple of years now, but haven’t ever really taken the time to stop until now.


Located at the corner of a small shopping plaza on Holt Rd, just off of Georgesville, Mean Bean is a very stylish, yet basic, coffee shop. The furniture is top notch, with the table-tops all made of a beautiful marble and the smooth wooden chairs, both tall and short, comfy. The counters are delicately detailed with an inlaid marble checkered pattern, and the flat screen TV menu boards are a snazzy touch. It all looked pretty impressive, which set big expectations for a hopefully equally satisfying product. I enjoyed the brightness of the room because of the corner windows. The girl behind the counter cheerfully greeted me right away and offered to answer any questions I may have about their menu. She was super friendly and knowledgeable enough that I didn’t have to guess at what I was ordering.


Mean Bean serves Crimson Cup Coffee products, and scattered all across the shop was advertising for their Pumpkin Spice Latte ($1.95) (it is that time of year!!). As I approached the front door from the parking lot, I saw a bigger ad taped to the window and knew that’s what I wanted. I browsed the menu board for a minute to confirm my selection, and was tempted by the other cappuccino, lattes, and specialty drinks. I stuck with my original choice, and the barista quickly whipped up my drink. I was somewhat disappointed that the end product didn’t quite resemble the advertised goods. I’m assuming that all of their drinks are served in a to-go cup, as opposed to a nice sturdy mug (as pictured), since she didn’t ask if I was taking it with me until she was calculating my bill.


Nonetheless, the flavor of the drink was rich, creamy and delicious, as expected, and I was ultimately happy with my choice of java. First pumpkin coffee of the season – check!


I decided to grab a breakfast sandwich to go with my coffee after seeing three or four different selections on the menu. I was actually surprised to see so many food options listed, because I recalled a friend who had previously visited Mean Bean, and had reported that they didn’t really offer any breakfast or lunch food aside from some muffins and pastries. I ordered the Applewood smoked bacon, egg & cheese sandwich ($2.95). There were two other options with meat (sausage or ham), and a veggie sandwich as well. Another clue that the foods may be a new feature on the menu was the fact that the barista advised me that they don’t actually sell any of their advertised lunch sandwiches yet, even though there were 8-10 options listed.


I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I was pretty disappointed in their food. The sandwich was a 1/4-inch thick, pre-formed egg patty and a bit of Swiss cheese on a thin, whole wheat flatbread. These exact sandwiches, sans the meat, are available at your local grocery freezer section. I’ve had them. Basically, they’re adding one of three different meats to these pre-frozen breakfast sandwiches, and when someone (me) places an order, the paper towel-wrapped sandwich is removed from the small creamer fridge under the counter, and popped in the microwave for a minute. The result was a tasteless sandwich with a spongy egg and chewy, rubbery bacon. Big thumbs down on this one. I ate about half of it and tossed the rest.

I really wanted to like Mean Bean. It’s located in a neighborhood that I travel frequently, and I was hoping the experience would be amazingly positive, providing me with another breakfast option in the area. Unfortunately, the food itself fell flat, but the coffee and the friendliness of the barista redeemed my overall opinion of the place.

As far as a recommendation, I’d say if you’re in the area and are looking for a good coffee selection, it’s worth a stop. Crimson Cup roasts some of my favorite coffee in Columbus, so the java won’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a quality breakfast to accompany it, I’d keep searching.

 Mean Bean located at 1693 Holt Rd, Columbus, OH 43228 (Map). They’re open Monday – Wednesday from 6 am – 10 pm, Thursday – Friday, 6 am – 11 pm, Saturday, 9 am – 11 pm, and Sunday, 9 am – 9:30 pm. For more info, you can “Like” them on Facebook.

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Hey everybody!

I’m excited to officially announce a new event that we’ve been working on that will be happening on October 25th - it’s called TBGG’s Columbus Donut Crawl: Fall Edition!! Our inaugural event is set to be a self-drive/self-pay tour that will include 6 stops at some of the yummiest donut shops and bakeries on the West, North, and North-central sides of Columbus, with a “Spring Edition” coming early next year focusing on downtown, East and South.


We’ll be meeting up at the Lil’ Donut Factory at 4345 Scioto Darby Rd. in Hilliard (43026) on Columbus’ West side on the morning of Saturday, the 25th, at 8:00 am. I will be introducing everyone to the owner of the shop, and you will have a chance to buy whatever, or how ever many donuts you want to try, and we will continue that trend via caravan to each of our stops along the way. This way, there is no cost  (aka FREE!!) to join us on the tour itself, and you can spend as much, or as little, as you want to! Again, since this is a no cost event, please plan to purchase your own donuts on the donut crawl.

Our additional stops will be at Auddino’s Bakery & Cafe at Mill Run (Hilliard), Honey Dip Donuts & Diner (UA), DK Diner (Grandview), Buckeye Donuts (Campus area), and Schneider’s Bakery (Westerville). We may stop for coffee along the way (I’ll leave that up to the group), but I will provide bottled water as well.

So, do you have plans for the morning of October 25th? If not, grab your friends and family and come hang out with me and we’ll sample some of the tastiest treats in all of Columbus together! If you plan on joining us, please either leave a note by clicking the “talk bubble” at the top of this post to let me know, or send me an email at thebreakfastgrubguy@gmail.com so that I can get an accurate head count.

Hope to see you there!!