The Garden Cafe on Broadway – Grove City, OH

Do you remember the show “Friends”? Of course you do, who wouldn’t? I thought it was a pretty cool show back in the day, but I always used to wonder to myself, “Why would a group of trendy, 20-something friends spend 90% of their time hanging out at a coffee shop?” I mean, who really feels that comfortable somewhere, especially at a restaurant of all places, sitting, kicking your feet up,  and figuring out life’s problems? Well, years after Ross, Rachael and the gang visited the Central Perk for the last time, I think I may have it figured out. It’s kind of the way you feel when you visit The Garden Cafe on Broadway.

I’m not really sure if it’s the sofa and coffee table, the mismatched tables and chairs, the warm colors, the local artwork on the walls or the cool decor and knick-knack stuff that you could just sit and look at for an hour. Somehow it all works together and is wrapped up nice and neat, in an awesome coffee shop/cafe for your enjoyment.

The dining room is just off the entryway and has a wide variety of tables and chair styles for all preferences. There’s a gift shop (well, actually a gift bookcase ) just inside the door, where you can buy all kinds of things from mugs to books to t-shirts. Pretty cool, actually. You place your order at the counter and if it’s coffee or some other take-out beverage you desire, they pretty much make it right behind the front counter for you. If you’re looking for a meal, they have a modest menu of salads, sandwiches, and soups to chose from, as well as several breakfast items that they are happy to cook for you any time of day. We visited in the morning, so breakfast was the obvious choice. Just grab a menu at the counter, place your order and grab a seat.

The Garden Cafe on Broadway also boasts an extensive variety of craft beers and wines. They also have scheduled beer and wine tasting events just about every week. Since I’m not a big drinker, I didn’t really ask much about their drinks or the events that surround them, but I’m sure you could find just about any local beer or beverage here. They have bottles for sale to take home too!

And the coffee…oh, the coffee. Ok, I’m just going to say it plain and simple for those who don’t know – I LOVE coffee. One thing that I absolutely love about this place is that they feature a different “flavor of the day” coffee every day!! On the day we visited, the featured flavor was Chocolate Mousse. Since I’m not a big choco-flavored coffee fan, I opted for the house blend, which was excellent. My wife tried the Chocolate Mousse coffee and said it was really good as well. One of the featured flavors this season is the red velvet cake cappuccino, which my wife is dying to try!! They have a self-serve coffee bar inside the restaurant where the house blend, FOTD, and decaff are always hot and available for refills. For dine-in, you get a standard mug, for take-out, there are three size choices. In addition to coffee, they have a wide variety of flavors and styles of lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, teas and smoothies.

Now on to the grub!! I ordered the 2-egg omelet, which was made with my choice of up to four meats, cheeses or veggies. I chose to go with a sausage, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and tomatoes omelet. I didn’t realize that the menu said it came with toast, and the guy behind the counter must have forgotten as well, as he didn’t ask what kind of toast I wanted. I also ordered some of their fresh, homemade pumpkin bread, at which point, the guy remembered my toast. He asked if I wanted the pumpkin bread in addition to the toast, or in place of. I opted to replace the regular toast with the pumpkin bread, and they did not charge me extra for it, which was very nice!

When our food came out, I was shocked at how huge the omelet was for supposedly only a 2-egg omelet. I then realized it was because it was a very thin omelet, more like a crepe actually, which wasn’t necessarily bad, just not what I was expecting. The filling was plentiful and hot. The cheese was good, and not overpowering, and there were nice sized chunks of tomatoes. The mushrooms were a little disappointing, as I was expecting fresh mushrooms, but got the kind that comes in a jar that you put on a homemade pizza. But the real highlight here was the sausage. Very flavorful, big chunks of mild yet tasty sausage,  and not ground up Jimmy Dean that you get most places. Overall, I was very satisfied, but still would have preferred a thicker, fluffier egg to wrap all those goodies up in.

The pumpkin bread was AWESOME!! My generous slice was fresh, moist and full of walnuts and raisins. They brought it out with melted butter already spread on the top, which was just fine with me 🙂 Highlight of my meal right here!!

My wife ordered the breakfast sandwich – scrambled egg, American cheese & your choice of bacon, sausage or ham on toast, or you could substitute a bagel or croissant for an extra $0.50. She opted for the bacon, egg & cheese croissant. It appeared to be a good choice and she said it was very “yummy”. She finished her meal with something everyone should have first thing in the morning…..

The Cafe was featuring Der Dutchman pies, in pecan or apple varieties. This enormous slice of love is what came to our table! For anyone who knows Der Dutchman, knows what I’m talking about. For anyone who doesn’t…get to The Garden Cafe FAST!!! Actually, I never thought I was a fan of pecan pie, until my wife let me try this one. Oh wow…it was so good!! The custard was rich and flavorful, and had good consistency. The homemade crust was flaky and wonderful, and the pecan topping was just what sold me on the whole thing!

Overall, we were both very satisfied with our visit to The Garden Cafe on Broadway. After breakfast, we sat and talked and had a great time together. I mean, that’s what these kinds of places are made for, right?? The staff was very friendly and patient with us first-timers. While we were there, a local artist and her family came in to bring new paintings to hang on the walls to sell. The staff helped her as well, even though the owner wasn’t available.

So, next time you want to grab a casual, light dinner or breakfast, want to sit with some friends in a comfortable atmosphere and laugh (or cry) over a bottle of wine, or if beer taste-testing is your thing, I highly recommend The Garden Cafe on Broadway.

The Garden Cafe on Broadway is located at 4057 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123 (Map). They are open Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM, and 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Visit them on Facebook for more information.

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3 thoughts on “The Garden Cafe on Broadway – Grove City, OH

  1. Jenn says:

    Looks like a Nice cozy place…. Will definitely have to try it out!!! And The Red Velvet Cake Cappuccino…. I think I will be dreaming about that for the next few days!!! Sounds DELISH!!!! I’m glad you both enjoyed the food and the atmosphere…. 🙂

  2. jule says:

    This place is one block from my house and I hang out there all the time with my friends. Their wraps and sandwiches are also great! They also have trivia nights every Tuesday and its really fun.

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