Misc. Breakfasts: Vineyard Men’s Breakfast


About once a quarter, my church, the Vineyard Christian Fellowship on Holt Road in Grove City, offers a men’s breakfast (which I have affectionately termed “Brothers in Bacon”), where guys can come together and eat some good “guy-food”, and have some fellowship with each other. I love this place, and these mornings are a really good time to hang out with other guys, and to hear a message that is relevant to being Christian men in today’s world. At the last breakfast, several guys asked where my camera was, and if I was going to put it on the blog? Well, this time I remembered the camera πŸ™‚


Of course, the filling station is always set up, ’cause we know how to drink some coffee!! There were also other juices and milk for non-coffee drinkers.


The breakfast was set up in a huge, buffet-style line, which is pretty self-explanatory: you wait in line, grab a plate (or two), load it up with all the greasy, fattening stuff your wife won’t let you eat at home, exit left and dig in. There’s everything from fruit, to cinnamon rolls, to your standard breakfast foods like eggs & meat. We have some pretty awesome guys who get up early, and head to the church to cook these massive amounts of grub for all of us. A big thanks to them!!


Another picture of the buffet….


And yet another, specifically the pancakes, french toast & eggs. All very tasty πŸ™‚


And you can bet, I had my share. Eggs w/ peppers & mushrooms, cheesy hash browns, french toast, sausage….


…and of course, one of my all-time faves!! πŸ™‚


And then the REAL reason for getting together. After the food, we then get the opportunity to sit back, have some worship time, and hear a relevant message.

Being a guy in today’s world is sometimes a tough job. It’s stuff like this that often keeps us going. Thanks again to all who serve in this ministry.

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