Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe – Columbus, OH


The first time I became aware of the Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe was a couple of years ago while travelling Sawmill Road, doing some shopping. The restaurant is located fairly close to the street in a small strip mall, that is situated in the parking lot of yet an even bigger strip mall.  The easiest way to spot it though, is not to look for the Cafe itself, but for the HoneyBaked Ham store that it is attached to.  The Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe is actually a concept store (the only one in Columbus) that was introduced by the HoneyBaked Ham Company several years ago. According to their website, they wanted to give their customers more ways to enjoy the delicious hams and other products that they market. The best way to do that? Open up a breakfast and lunch cafe where just about every dish on the menu features some sort of HBH product.  From what I’ve gathered, the idea is, at least in northwest Columbus, a big success.


The inside of the Cafe is a modern country decor. Bright and sunny colors adorn the walls, which are accented by the hardwood floors and a brick, gas fireplace with a copper chimney. The large, square tables are paired with comfortable chairs, and there are a few booths along a far wall. There are several black and white photos, nicely framed, on the walls featuring antique portraits of families sitting around the table enjoying meals together, and vintage HoneyBaked Ham stores.


The dining room itself is big and roomy, and well lit, thanks to the big windows that overlook the small patio out front.  Overall, it’s a very cozy atmosphere, even for as wide open as the floor plan is designed.


The meal started with our server bringing us a complimentary cinnamon coffee/crumb cake with maple butter (my son devoured this!!). The bread was soft, sweet, fresh and a little dry. It was a nice treat to start the meal. Our server was friendly, but not overly so to the point of chatting it up with us, which was ok, because they were pretty busy when we first arrived. She brought us coffee with little pitchers of cream, water, and cranberry juice for the boy. While browsing the menu, I noticed that they offer many of the same items you’d find at a lot of other breakfast restaurants, such as benedicts and omelettes, but in greater variety, due to the use of many of their signature meats.


Our six-year-old son ordered a chocolate chip pancake from the kids menu, and a side order of Honey Spiced Bacon. When it came to the table, I was stunned at the size of it…at least a good 10-inches in diameter!! It came with a scoop of maple butter on top, real Vermont maple syrup on the side, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The side of bacon was a good sized portion – 3 strips that were cooked nice and crisp, and perfectly sweetened by the honey. Our server said to us, “I’ll be right back with the whipped cream”. A few seconds later, she returned carrying a HUGE bowl of fresh whipped cream, and proceeded to serve a BIG dollup on top of his pancake. She asked him, “Is one enough, or would you like two?” Steven, with a smile on his face, replied in disbelief, “Just one.” Needless to say, he was happy. 🙂


My wife ordered the “Normandy” omelette. Their omelettes are all made with fresh, local ingredients including local, farm-fresh eggs and real Ohio Amish cheeses. This particular version had smoked turkey breast, hand-rubbed honey-spice bacon, fresh mushrooms, baby Swiss cheese, and was smothered in their house-made hollandaise sauce, with a touch of lemon. It came with pumpernickel-rye swirl toast, and a dish of fresh fruit. She was very satisfied.


For reasons that I am not quite sure of, I am not normally one to order ham with my breakfast; I usually opt for bacon or sausage. Their featured dish is designed to highlight HoneyBaked Ham’s signature meat, and I figured since this is a HBH restaurant, why not go for the big dog? I ordered “The Legend” breakfast, which consisted of two slices of center-cut ham steak, two eggs, seasoned home fries and two Hawaiian sweet rolls. The ham was absolutely amazing, the eggs were cooked over-medium as requested, the home fries were seasoned and cooked well, and the sweet rolls were fresh. Very simply, it was an excellent, and gigantic meal.


The Cafe is designed so that you have to exit (and enter for that matter) through the store, so while you’re passing through, you can order a meal to go, or order one of their hams or other meats to take home.


You can also browse through the large selections of jellies & jams, syrups, honeys and sweets (including a case full of cheesecakes!!) and other goodies they have for sale.

I was very satisfied with our visit to the Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe. It was a comfortable environment, the service was good, the prices were decent for the portion sizes we got, and the food was great. I’m not sure if there will be more SCSC locations going up around town anytime soon, but I recommend checking them out if you see one being constructed in your neighborhood. If not, it’s definitely worth the trek to the northwest side to enjoy their awesome breakfasts.

The Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe is located at 6630 Sawmill Rd, Columbus, OH 43235 (Map). They are open for breakfast and lunch only, Monday – Sunday, 8:00AM – 3:00PM. Please visit their website for more info.

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