Tatoheads Food Truck – Columbus, OH


Today for lunch, my office enjoyed the treat of one of Columbus’ favorite food trucks pulling up to our parking lot, opening up its window, and serving up some of the best french fries in the city. Tatoheads has only been around for a couple of years, and has quickly become one of the most popular trucks in town, and for good reason. Regularly stationed at locations such as the Pearl Alley Market, the Franklin Park Conservatory, and Columbus Commons, Tatoheads takes their deliciousness to folks all over the city, as well as to other food truck festivals and events in the area.


Thick, cooked-to-order, natural cut fries, sweet potato fries and tater tots are the foundation upon which their spud creations are built. If you’re a potato naturalist (what I call those that don’t like mountains of stuff piled on top of their fries), Tatoheads has specifically tailored a wide variety of seasonings that they will add for no charge, and sauces for your enjoyment, including their own Tatos Original sauce (a spicy chipotle-ranch sauce) which is crazy good!!

For those of you who enjoy loads of fattening toppings on your fries, Tatoheads certainly has that option covered as well. They offer specialties such as Middle Eastern fries (topped with smokey paprika hummus, cucumber sauce, a drizzle of sriracha for spice, and garnished with tomato and parsley), Canadian Poutine fries (Local cheese curds from Laurel Valley Creamery in Gallipolis, OH, and drenched with truckmade gravy goodness), Italian Sausage fries (crumbled Italian sausage, grilled onions, roasted red and green pepper, with red pepper cilantro ketchup), and several others that are all served on a rotation and when available. They also serve wraps as an alternative to their fries, which feature many of the same, or similar, ingredients.


Me, I’m a “go ahead and pile it on” kind of guy. I ordered the Chorizo Cheese Fries which consisted of a generous portion of their fresh, natural-cut fries, shredded mozzarella cheese, chorizo (spicy Mexican sausage), Tatos Original sauce and a parsley garnish. I wondered at first why they chose mozzarella cheese for this dish, instead of something like a sharp cheddar or Mexican blend. After I took a few bites, and all of the flavors started to blend, I realized it was because the Tatos sauce and the chorizo had such bold flavors, that they needed a milder cheese to balance it out. Each component of the dish was delicious on its own, but layered on top of each other, it was simply outstanding.

I absolutely love these kinds of food trucks. The concept for their food seems so simple…I mean, they’re just french fries, right? Yet the flavors that are accomplished by these rolling restaurants seem only to be achieved with the experience of making them time and time again, and the fact that most of them offer small, limited menus allowing them to perfect their dishes to be what they want them to be. And that’s the beauty of it.

Support your local food trucks.

Tatoheads is often seen travelling to various locations around town and at local festivals and events. You can find out where they’re stopping next, and get more info at their website or on their Facebook page.

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