Misc. Breakfasts: The Hills Market Downtown


One of the newest additions to the downtown area is The Hills Market Downtown. Tucked in amongst the high-rise office buildings, the unique downtown eateries, and other Columbus landmarks, this specialty grocery store is the second location for The Hills Market, whose original store in Worthington has been thriving for years. Residents of this neighborhood are appreciative of the expansion, because it gives them a closer, and much-needed alternative to travelling outside of the downtown area for groceries and other specialty products. The Hills Market specializes in quality, local products  that are grown and made throughout Columbus, and Ohio in general.

The Hills Market Downtown has been open since March, and has already become a popular destination for locals, as well as other visitors who come not only for the local products, but also for their community involvement opportunities and special events.


One of the nice features of the market is their cafe and patio area. On weekends, they’ve partnered with the incredible Crepes A La Carte, and offer a Saturday $5 Pancake Breakfast from 9:00am – 1:00pm. On Sundays, they serve up a variety of crepes and french toast to visitors. My wife and I ventured out on a Saturday morning to check out The Hills Market Downtown, and their breakfast….


The Pancake Breakfast includes a stack of flapjacks, sausage links, and fresh brewed coffee from Silver Bridge Coffee Company. We grabbed our coffee first, and we had our choice of flavors…Jamaican Me Crazy, Buckeye Breakfast Buzz, and Dark Roast Columbian. We both went with the Buckeye Breakfast Buzz, and loved it.


While we waited for our pancakes, I strolled around the store a little bit and found myself in their bakery section. Tons of freshly baked goods, from some of Columbus’ most-loved bakeries, filled the tables and shelves. Behind the counter, I found something I couldn’t resist…


I picked up a fresh Red Raspberry Hibiscus donut from Destination Donuts and a Der Dutchman creme-filled long john. This was my first opportunity to try the Destination Donuts’ wildly popular treat, and it was incredible. The smooth, sweet icing completely balanced and complimented the deliciousness and texture of the light donut. The Der Dutchman treat, I have had many times previously, and this occasion was just as wonderful as every other sampling before it.


Back at our table, the pancakes were just about done, and were delivered by a friendly server. We each got a stack of three, with a side of two sausage links. The pancakes were light, fluffy and very flavorful, and were accompanied by real Ohio maple syrup. The sausage was good also, although I’m not certain if it was a local product or not. The meal was a steal for $5, that’s for sure!!

After we ate, we browsed the store and enjoyed finding some the treasures of The Hills Market Downtown….


Tons of local coffee from Crimson Cup Coffee and other roasters…


Products from Backroom Coffee Roasters and Mint Brook Meadows teas….


Beautiful, fresh produce from Ohio farmers…


A variety of hundreds of cheese and dairy products….


An extensive wine and spirits section of the store features bottles from local wineries….


And even a prepared foods department for those “on-the-go” meals, or to grab a plate and sit at the cafe and enjoy the scenery.


If you love specialty foods, or shopping to support local businesses, The Hills Market Downtown is definitely the place to be. If you’re like me, and enjoy a local feel to your breakfast, take a trek downtown to visit the store on a weekend and try the pancakes or crepes. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

The Hills Market Downtown is located at 95 N. Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215. They are open Monday – Saturday, 7:00am – 9:00pm, and Sunday, 8:00am – 8:00pm. You can check out more info on their website or on Facebook.

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