McKinley’s Grille – Marysville, OH

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Marysville’s WQTT 1270 AM’s morning radio show (you can listen to a few segments here), to discuss breakfast in Central Ohio with host, Angie Vertucci. During the interview, Angie suggested I hit up several of their local diners and breakfast places, and come back at a later date to discuss what I thought of Union County’s best morning eateries. I decided to take her up on the offer…


My original intent was to start in Marysville at Mrs. Renison’s Donuts, but when we arrived at the donut shop, we discovered that they were closed that day. Not to be deterred, we started our search again, and just a couple of blocks up the street, right in the heart of historic uptown Marysville, we found McKinley’s Grille.


What caught my eye as we drove by, was this homemade “Best Breakfast in town” sign in the window. I figured with a claim like that, there was no way we could ignore this place. It was just after 11:00AM, and the fact that they serve breakfast all day was a major plus, too. We found a parking spot along the street and headed inside.


Now, normally when I walk into a restaurant and there is no one else inside, I have to wonder why…especially with it being a holiday weekend with many people taking the day off work? On this occasion, I chalked it up to our visit being too late for the breakfast crowd, but still too early for lunch. The dining area itself was decently-sized and clean, and had several choices for seating, including a counter with chairs.


The decor was very simple and homey…several old pictures and paintings that you’d expect to see in grandma’s living room, a large fish tank in front, and white boards on the walls advertising the current specials. Our server was friendly enough, but didn’t really go out of her way to chat, which was ok with us (my dad’s not big on chatting). We picked a two-seater table in the back of the house near the kitchen, and ordered from their fairly standard diner menu.


I loved the directness of this sign, next to the kitchen. In other words, no wasting food!!


We were two pretty hungry dudes. Here’s a look at the table when the food was brought to us, coffee and all.


I actually tried something that I have never had before, but have heard my family talk about frequently – chipped beef gravy. It was served over my choice of a buttermilk biscuit, or white or wheat toast, and came with two eggs, cooked-to-order. I chose a biscuit as the base of my meal, and eggs, over easy. The chipped beef gravy was really flavorful, and was full of thin-sliced beef. Over the biscuit, it was a filling meal. The gravy had a good consistency, and was really hearty. Very good for my first sampling.


I was eating with my dad, who ordered the Ham & Egg Scrambler w/ hash browns and toast. His plate was piled with tasty hash browns, which were tender and seasoned on the inside, nice and crusty on the outside. His scramble was a 3-egg monster, filled with diced ham & shredded cheddar cheese. He loved the way the potatoes were cooked, and said the eggs were good, too. It was so large, that he left about a quarter of his meal on his plate.

Overall, we were very satisfied with our breakfast, for what it was. Nothing to complain about at all, but far from outstanding or memorable. They served very good, typical diner food, and I would definitely stop in at McKinley’s Grille for a regular, dependable breakfast if I lived nearby. Best breakfast in town?? I plan to find out over the next couple of weeks…

McKinley’s Grille is located at 119 E. Fifth St., Marysville, OH  43040 (Map). They are open Monday – Sunday, 8:00AM – 2:30PM and reopen Tuesday – Friday for dinner from 4:30PM – 9:00PM. You can find more info on their Facebook page, here.

2 thoughts on “McKinley’s Grille – Marysville, OH

  1. Joseph pence says:

    Went 2/4/17 with another couple to try out prime rib night. Very sparse crowd. Ordered our meals, waitress very abrupt. Long delay for salads to arrive. Server never came back to check. After AN HOUR food arrived. It was totally disgusting. Meat was cold and tough as show leather….did not really appear to the prime rib, looked more like a NYStrip. Way over done, dry, and horrid. Tiny cold baked potato. The Au Ju was bizzare. Server never came back at all. We each had a few bites but the meals were inedible. I waited at counter quite a while to cash out and relayed our experience to server (appeared to be only employee other than the cook). No adjustment offered on check, she stated owner is in Africa on vacation and -basically- sorry about our luck.
    Avoid this place like the plague.

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