Mrs. Renison’s Donuts – Marysville, OH


I’ve been saying for a while now that in my opinion, Central Ohio is home to some of the best donuts in the entire Midwest. Great, locally owned bakeries and start-up shops featuring incredibly innovative and uniquely original donuts are popping up in and around Columbus every year, and I say, the more the merrier. At the same time, there’s something special about the tried and true donut shops that have consistently delivered quality, traditional donuts for decades. These are the kinds of shops you walk into and know exactly what you want when you go in, and are confident that it will be exactly what you’ve gotten for the past twenty years.


Since 1989, Mrs. Renison’s Donuts has been providing traditional, high-quality donuts to Union County. Located on the edge of the business district of uptown Marysville, they are a small, mom & pop-style establishment that has a large local following. So when it was suggested that I check them out as part of my attempt to find great breakfasts in Union County, I couldn’t wait to find out why the locals love Mrs. Renison’s so much.


I stopped in on a Saturday morning around 10:00 AM, and the joint was hopping. First of all, the inside is really tiny, but somehow, it didn’t feel that way. As soon as you walk though the door, you’re facing a long counter which serves as both a seating area, complete with several bar stools, and as a check-out counter. There’s plenty of standing room for customers who are waiting to place their orders, as well as two or three 2-seater tables along the outer wall. They even have a couple of patio tables out front. I like how they’ve maximized every bit of available space to make their patrons comfortable. The young lady behind the counter was friendly and eager to take my order, and when I asked about their selection, she graciously gave me the rundown of available donuts and didn’t treat me like an “outsider”, although I obviously was.


Behind the counter are several large windows with sliding glass doors which allow the employees easy access to the trays of donuts, so that they can easily pick and pack the cakes as the customer is selecting and placing their order. It’s not a bad set up at all. Beyond the trays of donuts, you can see the owners hard at work in the kitchen…mixing, glazing, icing and filling their classic offerings.


The donuts themselves were very appealing from my point of view, standing across the counter. The variety of both cake and yeast donuts looked fresh and smelled delicious. I ordered a mixed half-dozen which included three of their famous glazed donuts that had just come out of the fryer and were still warm.


Their glazed donut was so light and fluffy, it practically melted in my mouth when I bit into it. The warm, fresh treat was almost like a creme brulee…it was a little crusty on the top, sort of eggy on the bottom, and sweet all over. So good.


No wonder the locals line up at 5:30 in the morning to get their favorites. Mrs. Renison’s Donuts has been putting out quality favorites and has built a great reputation in the area as the place for good donuts. It’s shops like this that have built the foundation for all of the new, upstart companies around town. It’s nice to see that they are still greatly appreciated.

You can visit Mrs. Renison’s Donuts at 622 E. Fifth St, Marysville, OH 43040 (Map). They are open 7 days a week, Monday – Saturday, 5:30AM – 12:00PM, and Sunday, 7:00AM – 11:00AM. Please feel free to visit them on Facebook for more info.

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4 thoughts on “Mrs. Renison’s Donuts – Marysville, OH

  1. Judy Cahill Masters says:

    My brother, Bob Cahill, loved your donuts… ate them on a regular basis.. We totally agree – best ever…

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