The Dutch Treat Restaurant – Spartansburg, PA


This past weekend, we traveled to northwestern Pennsylvania to visit my wife’s family, who live about 45 minutes southeast of Erie, in the small town of Spartansburg. Sparty, as it’s affectionately referred to as by the locals, is a borough of about 300 people, and is surrounded by wooded areas, farms and Amish communities. For all fourteen years of my married life, we have made at least a couple of trips up every year, and almost every time we do, we make it a point to visit the one restaurant in town – The Dutch Treat. It’s been our own little family tradition to stop in and visit with the manager, Nancy Miller, whom we’ve been friends with for a few years now, and to enjoy a meal that’s a favorite of the locals, the Saturday morning breakfast buffet.


The restaurant originally opened many years ago as a small, one-room diner, and eventually added a gift shop, and an even larger dining room with an attached party room. Stepping through the front door, you enter right into the gift shop, which features nick-knacks, country crafts, specialty foods like maple butter, old-fashioned candies and other novelties. I much prefer this type of country gift shop, with real local products and people, as opposed to the big, touristy Amish-style restaurants like Der Dutchman in Plain City, Ohio or Shady Maple in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


This is the original diner, which is located between the gift shop and large dining room. It is still available for service, and many folks still prefer to eat here versus the larger room. The decor is similar, but just feels a little more homey.


Here’s the newer, larger dining area where most of the breakfast buffet action happens. Its rugged, country cabin decor is totally inviting and comfortable. The dark, wooden ceiling and walls are accented with hunting trophys, farming and milling tools like long saws and scales, and country-style artwork. The wagon wheel and lantern chandeliers are a stylish touch, and the far wall is lined with big windows which allows for tons of natural lighting.


Here’s one of two Grizzly skins that adorn the large walls. When I say hunting trophys, I’m talking bears, elk, deer….


And my son’s favorite, the mountain lion!!


Although The Dutch Treat does have a regular breakfast menu, this is what sets Spartansburg abuzz every Saturday morning…the breakfast buffet. People from all over the area and nearby towns come to enjoy their home-style, country cooking. Everything is always very fresh and flavorful. It’s not a large buffet, but they feature all of your traditional favorites: eggs, sausage, bacon, corned beef hash, biscuits & gravy, danishes and more…


We all ordered the buffet, and my first plate consisted of scrambled eggs with peppers & onions, potatoes, french toast, bacon and sausage links. Everything was hot and tasty. The bacon was a little under cooked for my taste, but still had great flavor, and the french toast was probably the star of the plate. Its soft texture and delicious vanilla flavor was complimented nicely by the warm, real maple syrup that’s offered on the buffet as well.


Plate #2 consisted of more of those yummy potatoes, a sausage patty, a small apple danish and a split biscuit topped with homemade sausage gravy. My love of biscuits & gravy has been well documented here, so it should be no surprise to read that The Dutch Treat rocked it with this dish. I love their homemade gravy and I get it every single time I’m here. Sometimes I even spoon it over my potatoes and eggs too!!

Eating at The Dutch Treat Restaurant is one of those traditions for our family that will continue for many years to come. It’s one of those things where, living in a large city like Columbus, you could easily find this style of food at many of our local restaurants, but in rural Spartansburg, PA, it’s the only place they have. What makes this place special is the authentic, small town feel, the opportunity to share a meal with friendly townsfolk, and making family memories in a place that’s close to our hearts.

The Dutch Treat Restaurant is located at 339 Main St, Spartansburg, PA 16434 (Map). They are open Monday – Thursday from 6:00 am – 8:00 pm, and Friday – Saturday, 6:00 am – 9:00 pm. If you’d like more info, you can find their Facebook page here.

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One thought on “The Dutch Treat Restaurant – Spartansburg, PA

  1. Mary says:

    I lived in Sparty for about 10 years and worked in the kitchen at the Dutch Treat for a while. It is great homemade food. I made the mashed potatoes from scratch and was the queen of the fried chicken pressure cooker. Great food and Great people 🙂

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