Misc. Breakfasts: MANcakes!!

I wanted to add a quick blog post about an awesome breakfast I made the other day for my family, and thought maybe some of you would like to try it. We’ve all had pancakes before, and what goes better with a stack of flapjacks then a side of crispy bacon or zesty sausage, right? Well, here’s a little tip on how to put a twist on your next family breakfast…Introducing MANcakes!!


I started by frying up 5-6 pieces of hickory smoked bacon, and two sausage patties. Once they were cooked well, I simply chopped them into bite-sized pieces.


I then mixed my pancake batter (dry mix, egg, sugar, vanilla, milk) and added the chopped bacon & sausage to the batter. Yep, just go ahead and mix it all right in there together.


I poured the batter/meat mixture onto my flat top griddle and cooked them just like I would any other pancake. See the nice chunks of meat?


As you can see, the meat is baked right into the pancake. Look at all of that cakey, meaty, syrupy deliciousness! It’s just as tasty, but easier to put together. It will be less intimidating for the youngsters than a full plate of cakes AND meat, and speaking from a man’s point of view, we like ANYTHING with meat cooked inside.

Next time your crew is in the mood for a big, filling breakfast, don’t just make them pancakes…make them MANcakes!!

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