Misc. Breakfasts: Kuchen & Coffee


Recently, I was given an opportunity by Weiland’s Gourmet Market to sample a couple of breakfast products that are available for purchase at their store, which is located on Indianola Avenue in Clintonville, and is one of a handful of larger retail markets in town that focuses on selling local produce, grocery products and baked goods. The sampling was set up by Columbus Crave, and I was generously given a 12 oz. bag of Crimson Cup Coffee’s Southern Pecan freshly roasted coffee and my choice of an apple or cherry kuchen, made by Reinecker’s Bakery out of Macedonia, Ohio.


Before this sampling, I had never heard of a kuchen before so I had to Google it. According to the internet gods, a kuchen is simply the German word for “cake”. Just like its American counterpart, a kuchen can be used to describe many different types of cakes such as a pie-like pastry, a roll-like pastry, a coffee cake-like pastry, a cheesecake-like pastry, etc.


As you can see, this version of a kuchen was a triple layered delicacy, with the bottom being a thin layer of moist, dense cake. The middle was a delicious layer of real cherry filling (no canned stuff here!), which was both sweet and that good way of being a little bit tart. The top layer had the consistency of a streusel or crumb topping and was slightly buttery, powdery sweet, and had a hint of saltiness. Really yummy, and a small piece paired nicely with some really good coffee.


Crimson Cup’s Southern Pecan flavored coffee came freshly ground and ready for my coffee pot. It’s a light roast and was highlighted with rich butter and pecan flavors. The aroma while brewing was enough to put my wife and me both in a coffee-lovers stupor, each of us climbing over the other to grab a cup. Crimson Cup Coffee is one of my favorite local roasters in Columbus. To read more about them, check out my previous blog post here.

A big thanks, again, to Weiland’s and Columbus Crave for the opportunity to sample these treats. They were great for a simple, sweet breakfast at home.

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