Ari’s Diner – Columbus, OH


I don’t normally like to dine out by myself, much less stop for breakfast alone. I prefer to share my morning meals with friends and family in a cozy diner, a trendy cafe or a family restaurant full of like-minded, breakfast-loving folks. But recently, while I was out working on a rainy weekday morning, stopping for some hot coffee and a nice plate of breakfast goodness sounded very tempting. I was in west Columbus and remembered Ari’s Diner on Frank Rd, so I decided to make a quick stop and check them out.


Ari’s Diner is a family dining joint that serves breakfast all day, even if they are only open for part of the day. I looked around online and couldn’t find the hours posted anywhere, but I believe they are only open until around 3 pm (at one time they were open until 7, but I think that has since changed).


From the outside, the building looked more like an older-style business office or maybe even a steak house (if you squint real hard), so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I walked in. The dining room was much brighter and less formal-looking. Vinyl booths, light-colored wood and artificial greenery was abundant, and gave the space a bright, clean, almost cafeteria-like atmosphere. On the outer wall were the old movie star, black & white photos and the big Marilyn Monroe canvas that are pretty much a requirement for all small diners.


There was a low counter that stretched the length of the back wall with several chairs for extra seating. Now, I absolutely love to see a nice, modern or vintage counter & stools backed up against the kitchen of a hometown diner, especially if they’re filled with local people doing their regular thing, but this counter seemed to be a little out-of-place, almost like an afterthought to a remodeled floor plan. All of that to say, it seemed a little bit like wasted space. Maybe a better set-up would have been , say, six or eight high-top tables with a couple of stools or chairs at each one? I don’t know, just my opinion.


Their menu features one whole page of breakfast combos and specialties, and another page of lunch & dinner options such as burgers, gyros & salads. I ordered the Pig Omelet ($6.75) which was served with home fries and white or wheat toast. The Pig was a huge, 3 extra-large egg creation, stuffed with diced breakfast sausage, bacon, ham, and cheddar & mozzarella cheeses. It was enormous…and very tasty. I’m not sure if it was the bacon or the sausage, but one of the components added a really nice smokey flavor to the plate. The home fries were more like sliced, fried potatoes which were cooked well and had a nice crispy outside, but were way under-seasoned. The toast was warm and buttery. A great, filling plate of breakfast love for an awesome price!!


The coffee was brewed by the cup, and I was told by the server that Ari’s serves a standard, Columbian-style brew. It was hot and rich, and just what I needed to keep me going that morning.


I’m not too sure what to make of this fellow, but this giant Cowboy sits out along the busy, four-lane highway in front of the restaurant, welcoming people to Ari’s Diner. Yeehaw!!

All-in-all, I was thankful that Ari’s was close by to satisfy my morning breakfast and coffee craving. There are not a lot of local diner or restaurant options on this side of town, as most of the area has given way to burger chains and other fast-food eateries. Ari’s definitely has its regulars, as it seemed that the friendly servers knew every other person in the dining room. And that’s always nice to see. They are a solid choice for breakfast if you’re in the area, and you can definitely expect a large plate of good food to be delivered with a smile.

Ari’s Diner is located at 1425 Frank Rd, Columbus, OH 43223 (Map). You can check them out online at their Facebook page here.

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