Buckeye Donuts (South) – Columbus, OH


Fact #1: Columbus residents love donuts.

Fact #2: I live in Columbus

Conclusion: Therefore, I must love donuts…

But not as much as my wife does.

Mrs. Grub Guy’s absolute favorite treat…more than cookies, more than ice cream, even more than chocolate…is donuts. So for her birthday this year, in lieu of making a birthday cake, I got her a big box of donuts from Buckeye Donuts on South High Street. I had never been to this location before, but have visited the more popular and well-known, original location across from the Ohio State University campus on North High St. in the past. That store has been a regular stop for college students and donut lovers for over 45 years.


The S. High Street shop is located south of downtown, in the Merion Village neighborhood of the city. It’s set up in the style of many old school donut shops in town: a wall of “regular” donuts behind the counter with the “premium” ones located below, a bar with stools as the only seating in the place, and old guys sitting, sipping coffee and flirting with the waitresses. It definitely has the vintage, local donut shop feel.


Buckeye Donuts serves all of the classic donut options – cake donuts, yeast donuts, glazed, iced, dipped, sprinkled, cream filled, jelly filled, Bismarks, longjohns, fritters and more!! Their namesake – the Buckeye donut – is a glazed, yeast donut with chocolate icing on top, and the hole in the middle is filled with peanut butter cream. Unfortunately, they were all out of them when I stopped in.

Unlike the campus store which offers gyros, fries, sandwiches, and other stuff college kids love, Buckeye Donuts’ south side store sticks to tradition. They do however offer coffee, hot cocoa and other beverages to enjoy with your pastries.


The wall behind the counter was filled with dozens of tempting options. Choices…choices…..


And below the counter were even more delicious treats like fritters….


Chocolate-iced longjohns….


Glazed twists…maple-iced longjohns…and more.


I ordered up a mixed dozen of their regular donuts to take home to the wife. Their prices were pretty decent, as they charged me an even $10.00 for the whole lot. I’m not sure if Sunday is a special day or what, but the price listed on the menu board was a little higher than what I actually paid. I picked out mostly favorites of the Mrs. (since it was her birthday and all) such as several of the powdered cream filled, raspberry filled, and cherry filled and couple of toasted coconuts. I also picked up a sprinkled, a blueberry, a buttermilk, and a stick donut.




Drooling yet?


Buckeye Donuts’ south location is definitely worth noting in the landscape of good donut shops in Columbus. I can’t say they are my favorite in town, but they do offer a wide variety of traditional cakes, and are worth checking out if you’re in the area and looking for sweets.

Mrs. Grub Guy was certainly pleased with her birthday desserts, so that’s good enough for me.

Buckeye Donuts is located at 1363 S. High St, Columbus, OH 43207 (Map). They are opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more info, you can find them on Facebook, or check out their website.

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