Misc. Breakfast: Taco Bell’s New Breakfast Menu

Normally, I wouldn’t consider reviewing a fast food breakfast meal, however, Taco Bell has seriously hyped their new breakfast menu to the moon, and I felt it was a big enough deal to be noteworthy. I do have to give them some credit – it’s been a long time since a fast food chain has generated this much interest in a new menu item…or in this case, a whole list of items. So I stopped and grabbed a bag full of potential breakfast goodness, and decided to try it out on the family…


Possibly the most anticipated item on their new menu is the Waffle Taco. I like waffles. I like tacos. So why not put them together and have it for breakfast? Here’s a shot of their new packaging. I like the attitude.


The Waffle Taco was somewhat decent in presentation. Most of their new breakfast items give you the option of ordering sausage or bacon, as was the case with this item. I went with the sausage, simply because that’s the way it’s shown in their ad. The flavor was actually pretty lackluster (read bland and tasteless). The sausage had no spice or seasoning whatsoever, the waffle tasted greasy and “blah”, the eggs rubbery, and the cheese added nothing. It comes with a little package of maple syrup, and after I doused the taco with that, it was edible, but I didn’t go out of my way to finish the whole thing. Pretty disappointing…but it’s fast food. What can I say?


We also tried the Bacon Breakfast Taco. It was a valiant attempt at a breakfast taco, however, it too was almost flavorless. The bottom of the large tortilla was barely filled with egg and bacon bits. It also seemed like it might have been microwaved. Not great.


Next up was the new A.M. Crunchwrap. I chose the sausage again as opposed to bacon. This had the potential to be decent…scrambled eggs, sausage, a hash brown, and cheese wrapped in a grilled tortilla. Again, as with everything we tried so far, it had NO FLAVOR!! You definitely need some sauce on these dudes. A big disappointment here.


Probably the most flavorful item we tried was the Steak & Egg Burrito. It was perhaps the best item we ate in terms of taste, and probably the only one that I would order again. It was decently filled with hot scrambled eggs and tender steak. I did have to add some sauce for an extra kick, but not bad.


We finished with a small order of the Cinnabon Delights, which were ok. A small order consists of four dough balls rolled in cinnamon-sugar, and filled with a sweet icing. Apparently these have been available on the regular menu for a while, although I’ve never had them. They were good, but one or two satisfied my sweet tooth just fine.

Overall, I was not impressed with Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu at all. As I said, most of the items were severely lacking in flavor, but again, it’s fast food. Most of what we got was sloppy and reheated. I think the next time I’m in the mood for a breakfast burrito or some similar entrée, I’ll take the time to visit one of our great local eateries who serve better food.

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