Village Crepe – Pickerington, OH


Village Crepe in Pickerington has been on my “must visit” list for quite some time, but unfortunately I don’t get down to that part of the Columbus suburbs nearly as often as I’d like to. With that in mind on a recent Sunday morning, before heading out for a planned morning of shopping with our boy at the Columbus Toy Show, the three of us headed out to the center of Olde Pickerington Village, which is the historic shopping area of what is considered “downtown” Pick-town. We had been looking forward to eating at Village Crepe, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.


Village Crepe sits on a quiet side street just off of Columbus St., which is one of the main thoroughfares through the village, and is intermingled with other small shops and large houses. With plenty of street parking available in front when we arrived, we headed inside to get our day started with some splendid crepes and other breakfast goodness.


The restaurant is visually appealing, with the bright colors and over-abundance of wood tones adding to the allure. Great amounts of natural sunlight beamed through the dining room windows to illuminate the room, which was very cozy during our early morning visit. We also enjoyed the watercolor paintings, hung by a local artist, and had I had some extra cash on me, the “Cream and Sugar” piece would have come home with me to hang in my own kitchen.


The kitchen is open to the dining room, and it was good to see the zeal and fervor with which the cooks prepared our breakfast. The weekly specials are displayed on a chalkboard overhead.


Village Crepe is a breakfast and lunch restaurant, which is reflected in their menu selections. Obviously centering around their many varieties of sweet and savory crepes, the menu also contains interesting twists on omelets, French toast and more.

We started our meal with some simple, yet tasty beverages. I chose a 12-oz serving of orange juice, which came to the table in a bottle accompanied by a stemmed glass. In addition to the wonderful presentation, the juice was sweet and tangy, and light on the pulp. The wife ordered a cup of Café Brioso’s Premium Arabica coffee.


As I mentioned, Village Crepe specializes in both sweet and savory crepes of many varieties. I knew I wanted to try a few, but with so many choices, I had a little difficulty deciding. I asked our server for her recommendation, and for a savory bite, she vouched for the “create a crepe” option on the menu. She said she usually builds her own out of chicken, goat cheese, and veggies. So, that’s what I did too. I ordered the Build Your Own Crepe ($4.80/single) which gave me the option of adding up to four ingredients. I chose chicken, goat cheese, spinach, and tomatoes.


The crepe itself was light, yet dense, and very tasty. It was made with a savory herb batter in a single fold-over style, and was stuffed with adequate amounts of breakfast yum. The chicken pieces added protein and a hardiness to the dish, and the goat cheese was creamy and fresh. I enjoyed the savory crepe tremendously, and was amazed at how filling it was.


I also ordered a Salty Caramel Crepe ($4.00/single) from the sweet crepe menu. Our server explained that this was one of their most popular selections. It was filled with smooth cream cheese, divine caramel sauce and a splash of sea salt, and was garnished with more caramel sauce and some powdered sugar. It was absolutely heavenly. Mrs. Grub Guy couldn’t stop stealing bites of this one.


I also ordered a side of their House Recipe Sausage Patties ($2.80). This sausage was very bold and flavorful. I didn’t get a chance to ask what was in it, but it was fiery and seasoned very well. It had some great heat, so much so that I discouraged my son from trying some because it certainly would have been too spicy for him (that, and I secretly just wanted it for myself, although that didn’t happen because my wife kept stealing bites of it off my plate).  


Although not on the regular menu, our server suggested the Fried PB & Banana French Toast ($6.80) for our son. It was basically a peanut butter & sliced banana sandwich on fresh brioche, lightly battered and grilled to perfection. It was served with his choice of house-made preserves on the side (he chose strawberry, but could have also selected raspberry, blackberry or apricot), maple syrup and fresh whipped cream. It was a huge meal for a little guy, but he managed to pack most of it away. To say he enjoyed it immensely would be an understatement.


My wife ordered from the specials menu, as she often does, and got the Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato and Feta Quiche ($8.00). It was the perfect little quiche, served in an individual tureen, and not a slice from a larger pie. She described it as dense, but fluffy, and not watery or undercooked. She said the feta gave it just enough cheesiness, without being the least bit greasy. A quiche should be solid, but spoon-soft; not clumpy, not lumpy, and it should be smooth. This quiche was all of those wonderful things, and was just the right portion size. It was served with her choice of potato pancake, toast, or fruit cup. The “latke” was made with hand-shredded potatoes instead of mashed, as is often the case in potato pancakes. She said the texture and flavors were awesome, and everything was cooked right.


We decided to have one last sweet crepe, which to us was more of a dessert to end the meal – so we ordered the Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe w/ Nutella & Raspberries ($4.50/single). As you can tell by the photo, this crepe was absolutely, unbelievably chocolaty!! The chocolate crepe was rich and powerful, and was filled with fresh raspberries and Nutella. It was topped with chocolate sauce, more raspberries, and fresh whipped cream. Between the three of us, it was gone faster than you could say “Holy crepe!!”

After we left, Mrs. Grub Guy and I couldn’t stop talking about how much we enjoyed breakfast at Village Crepe. Their philosophy of serving the freshest, scratch-made foods, providing outstanding service, and using local ingredients as well as supporting local artists and causes, are a welcomed bonus to their delicious menu. The restaurant is absolutely delightful, and they should be proud of what they’ve accomplished in a relatively short time.

Go eat some crepes. And, you’re welcome 🙂

Village Crepe is located at 21 N. Center St, Pickerington, OH 43147 (Map). They are open Tuesday –Sunday, 8:00am – 2:00pm, and also Friday evenings from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. For more info, you can visit their website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.



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