Sammy’s New York Bagels – Columbus, OH

Ok, so you’ve heard of the Tooth Fairy, right? You know, that magical creature that leaves coins under your pillow? Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a new fairy in town… and this one is my all-time favorite – it’s the Bagel Fairy!! He comes in the wee hours of the morning and leaves a big bag of fresh, New York-style bagels at your front door. There might even be cream cheese, if you’re really good…

All kidding aside, I woke up this past Friday morning to the delightful discovery of Sammy’s New York Bagels on my front porch. Some kind-hearted soul, who knows I love breakfast, sent me this special delivery, unexpectedly. Good morning to me!!


Sammy’s is a local company that produces authentic, New York style bagels, which are kettle boiled to create a glistening outside while maintaining a soft, chewy inside. Sammy’s is one of Columbus’ biggest wholesale bagel suppliers, delivering goods for distribution at coffee shops and cafe’s thoughout the city.

In addition, they also take online and call-ahead orders for home delivery, as well!  Their website is extremely easy to navigate, and requires little more than you selecting what you want to order, and then filling in your name, address, and delivery date. When placing an order, their minimum order requirement is $9.99, which just happens to be the price of a baker’s dozen (thirteen bagels). They offer FREE local delivery to your home or office in the Columbus metro area, and will typically drop your order off between 4:30am – 7:30am, just in time for breakfast! They kindly request that all orders be placed by 3:00pm for next day delivery, and by 3:00pm on Friday for weekend delivery.


Their drop off was triple-bagged, which is always a good idea living in Columbus (rain, sun, or snow…we never know what we’re going to get in any given week!). Bagels are delivered in sleeves, are then placed inside a brown, paper bag, and then bagged again, inside of a larger, clear plastic bag for protection from the weather. Stapled to the outside of the brown bag was a packing slip with a breakdown of the contents inside. Our package included 15 bagels and a half-pound container of cream cheese. In addition to almost two-dozen bagel varieties, and six cream cheese flavors, Sammy’s also offers treats like muffins, apple cake, turnovers, challah, and even egg salad, tuna salad, Nova lox and more!


The first look inside of our surprise package was blissful, and the instant aroma of fresh bagels was mouth-watering.



We got a large variety of many of the different bagels that Sammy’s makes, and are looking forward to sampling them to find our favorites. Among the flavors in our order were Egg, Blueberry, Marble Rye, Onion, Everything (my favorite!), Cinnamon Crunch, Asiago Cheese, and Spinach Pimento Cheddar.


We also got a half-pound of their veggie cream cheese.


We couldn’t help but break out the toaster and try some Sammy’s Bagels first thing. I sampled an Everything bagel with some of the veggie cream cheese. The bagel was incredibly fresh, soft, chewy, and delicious. I like everything bagels for the seasonings and toppings, and Sammy’s didn’t disappoint. It had tremendous flavor. The cream cheese was creamy and smooth, and had delightful, crisp little bits of veggies throughout.


The wife sampled the Spinach Pimento Cheddar bagel, and also tried the veggie cream cheese. She said it was the best bagel EVER (which says a lot coming from a woman who has worked for several Jewish families over the years who traveled to & from NYC frequently, bearing gifts of bagels upon each return).


Our boy opted for a blueberry bagel, but wanted some plain cream cheese that we had on hand. He doesn’t say much, but the enthusiastic pace at which he devoured his bagel spoke volumes. That, and the fact that he ate half of Mrs. Grub Guy’s too!

Sammy’s New York Bagels will probably become a regular treat in our house, especially for when we have out-of-town visitors and family stay with us. The process by which you can order up a dozen or more of your favorite New York-style, kettle cooked bagels, is ridiculously convenient and simple. All you have to do is visit Sammy’s at, and invite the Bagel Fairy to come and visit you, too!!



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