Grill & Skillet – Columbus, OH


There are a multitude of different styles and settings of breakfast dining establishments, and I have a great appreciation for each and every one of them. I never get tired of travelling our great city, breakfasting at some of the most well-known, established favorites or finding little, hidden gems that are known only to nearby patrons. Sometimes I may not be the first person to scoop on the newest, trendiest café’s, Brewpubs, or fancy brunch spots around town, but I do enjoy discovering new dishes, and eating at those places just as much as the next guy. But often times it’s the old-style diners that make me happiest, and that’s why I’ll continue to seek them out, again and again. I have a feeling that some of you are like me, and you like these places, too. With that in mind, I give you Grill & Skillet.


Grill & Skillet Diner has been a favorite breakfast spot for many people on the east side for decades. Located on E. Main St. just outside of Bexley, they’re an old fashioned, greasy spoon diner that serves great diner classics – omelets, eggs, hash browns, you name it. Their simple, cinder block exterior isn’t fancy. There’s no patio and no fancy outdoor seating. They’re simply a diner. No apologies. And no need for them.


Inside, you’ll find that Grill & Skillet is designed like most typical diners, and they’ve done the best they can to modernize it and make it comfy. Over-sized bar stools and tiny booths round out the seating options nicely. Everything is neat and about as clean as you could ask for. The dining room was bright, even on the rainy morning that I visited, thanks to all of the big windows. And the giant fork & spoon on the wall is classic awesomeness, no matter who you are!!


As I mentioned, their breakfast menu is full of the classic meals that you want out of a place like this. Their prices are pretty cheap, and from the food I saw coming out of the kitchen, their portion sizes are fairly generous. The sign out front advertises, “Breakfast Anytime!”, which will ALWAYS earn extra points on my scorecard. In addition to their regular menu, at each table was a place card listing the weekly specials, all of which sounded really tasty.


My friendly server took my order shortly after I was seated, and the food arrived pretty quickly. I order the Country Benedict ($7.79) from the specials menu. I did order coffee, which I unfortunately never received, but that was ok. The waitress was the only one in the dining room that morning, and she had her hands full with a “high maintenance” table of picky customers, so I didn’t say anything. I enjoyed my water just fine 🙂


The benedict was good. It consisted of a base layer of lightly toasted English muffin, then two sausage patties, eggs, sausage gravy, and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar. It came with a big pile of some really delicious, and nicely cooked hash browns. The sausage gravy was more than likely made from scratch, as it just had that homemade taste. It had a good consistancy, although I like a little more chunkiness to my sausage gravy. Thankfully, I had sausage patties underneath there, so it was all good.


I was a little disappointed that the eggs were fried rather than poached (as is typical in a benedict dish), but thankfully they were runny enough to still deliver some of that yummy yolk flavor. I added a little hot sauce to give the whole thing a little kick, but it would have been just fine without it, too. Overall, I was generally satisfied with this pretty solid dish of breakfast love.

Seriously, this place has been on the local breakfast scene for a really long time, and for good reason. It’s a reliable breakfast destination where you can come alone, or with a table full of friends, and expect to get nothing less than classic breakfast done right and at a great price. When you visit, keep in mind that they are a cash only establishment.

Grill & Skillet Diner is located at 2924 E. Main St, Columbus, OH 43209 (Map). They’re open Monday – Saturday, 7:00Am – 2:30Pm, and Sunday, 8:00Am – 2:00Pm. For more info, you can check out their website, or visit them on Facebook.



One thought on “Grill & Skillet – Columbus, OH

  1. June wi says:

    The last time I was there was about 4 years ago. The food was terrible. The restroom was inches away from the food being cooked

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