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The Hulk. Captain America. Spiderman. Aquaman. Storm. They aren’t just the names of the colorful characters from your favorite comic books as a kid, they’re also the names of some of the most colossal breakfast dishes in Columbus. And much like Stan Lee and other creators who brought those fearless superheroes to life on paper, there’s a man in town bringing to life some truly amazing breakfast creations. They call him…SuperChef.

SuperChef’s Breakfast & More is named for Chef Darnell Ferguson, who served as a chef to Team USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where he earned the nickname. Ferguson and his longtime pal, Ry Bryson, currently operate three successful restaurants in Kentucky, and just last year expanded here, to their hometown of Columbus. Having been open for almost a year now, I, of course, have heard tons of great things about SuperChef’s, but have never been able to get there for some reason. Finally, on a recent Saturday morning free of plans, I was able to round up a couple of guys and we headed downtown via E. Broad St. to check them out.


From what I hear, it’s easier for a three-legged cat to cross I-270 at rush hour, than it is getting a table at SuperChef’s on a Saturday morning, but somehow, we didn’t have too much trouble. I guess it was just perfect timing – my friend Rob, my dad and I arrived just before 9:00 am, and just as a couple of tables were clearing out. As 9 o’clock rolled around though, people really started packing into the front of the house, and a line quickly formed outside. Moral of the story: Get here early!!


SuperChef’s is a stylish space, with high ceilings, modern colors, and trendy artwork. I was a little surprised that the walls weren’t laden with superhero posters or comic book paraphernalia, but the fact that the wait staff all wear Marvel and DC character shirts satisfied the comics geek inside of me.


In a relatively short time, SuperChef’s has become known for their over-the-top waffles and pancakes options, like the Elvis Waffles (Waffles with peanut butter, candied bacon & bananas w/ a chocolate & caramel syrup) and Pineapple Upside-down Pancakes (layered with pineapple rings and a pineapple-cherry compote), their unique breakfast specialties like Shrimp & Roasted Red Pepper Grits and a killer Breakfast Pizza, their monstrous omelets, such as the Smoked Salmon & Cheese omelet (topped with a roasted red pepper sauce), and their scrumptious breakfast sandwiches, all served on a soft, toasted pretzel croissant (Yum!). But what most people really get a kick out of are the superhero-themed dishes, like the Hulk (Two “Green” waffle sandwiches with eggs, American cheese, house-made sausage, candied bacon & drizzled with maple syrup) the Storm Superdilla (a huge quesadilla stuffed with shredded chicken breast, roasted corn, bell peppers, avocado, poblano peppers, chipotle cream & jabenero jack cheese!), and oh so much more.


SuperChef’s serves locally-roasted java from One Line Coffee in the Short North. It was hot, fresh and delicious, and our awesome server (unfortunately, I don’t recall his name or I would totally give him public high praise!!) kept all three of our mugs full for the entire visit, despite a packed house full of hungry and thirsty customers. In fact, the wait staff was on point, and on top of our every need. A+ for service!!


After the three of us scoured the menu, discussed our options, and changed our minds a couple of times each, my dad decided on the SuperChef’s Omelet w/ Hash Browns ($11.99). It was a huge, single-fold over omelet made with spinach, peppers, onions & tomatoes, and stuffed with candied bacon, sausage and cheese. It came with a moderate serving of some well cooked hash browns, and a side of fresh, baby greens with a light dressing.


The inside of his omelete was absolutely packed with big chunks of chorizo-like breakfast sausage, and diced, candied bacon. Dad said it was delicious!


My buddy, Rob, ordered the Baked Alaskan Banana Pudding Pancakes ($9.99), and said they were extremely delightful. The tower of thick, fluffy pancakes was topped with torched meringue & bananas. It was almost like a dessert dish – it was sweet and light, and kind of cakey (is that a word?). For those of you with a morning sweet tooth, you would totally love this dish.


Rob also ordered a side of Candied Bacon ($2.50). Salty, crispy strips of pig, glazed with honey & syrup…How could someone NOT order this?? Am I right?


After much deliberation, I went with The Juggernaut ($12.99), two “Red” waffle sandwiches with a boneless fried chicken breast, candied bacon, over-medium eggs, American & pepper jack cheeses, and topped with honey drizzle & maple syrup. O.M.G!!!!!! It came with a side of strawberry compote, but I didn’t even bother with it.


Needless to say, this was definitely a knife-and-fork kind of sandwich. I have to honestly tell you that this was probably the single most delicious breakfast sandwich I remember eating in a long, long time. The fried chicken was hot, juicy, and had a crispy outside, the candied bacon was a mix of sweet & salty, the egg was cooked well, the cheeses oozed with flavor, and the whole thing was held together by a soft, Belgian waffle that was tasty in its own right. The honey and maple syrup made the whole thing sweeter, stickier, and just so much more yummy. I would seriously order this again in a minute.


Man, writing this review and looking at the pictures again reminds me how much I really enjoyed breakfast at SuperChef’s Breakfast & More. The portion sizes there are enormous, and it’s not all for show – the food is incredibly flavorful and delicious as well. You might see a few reviews other places online complaining about wait times, cramped quarters, or slow service, but when you have a place serving the quality of food that SuperChef’s serves, you have to go in expecting the place to be packed, and the service to perhaps be a little slow because of that. I would much rather have a place like SuperChef’s in town serving awesome breakfasts, and have to wait a little bit for a table or for my food to come out, than to not have it at all. Who’s with me?

Speaking of having a place in town…rumor has it that this summer, SuperChef’s will be opening a SECOND LOCATION in Gahanna! Keep an eye on their website, or on my social media pages for more info to come!!

SuperChef’s Breakfast & More is located at 199 E. Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215 (Map). They’re open 7:00 am – 3:00 pm, Tuesday – Sunday. For more info, visit them on Facebook , Twitter, on Instagram at @Superchefsohio, or their website.

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3 thoughts on “SuperChef’s Breakfast & More – Columbus, OH

  1. ColumbusFoodGuy says:

    I have been 3x and service is painfully slow. Ive heard the same complaint by all my friends. The food was great but I still cant get over how bad service has always been. I am surprised you had such great service. Maybe things have gotten better!

    • thebreakfastgrubguy says:

      ColumbusFoodGuy, I’ve read several Yelp reviews complaining of slow service as well, but I can honestly say that we didn’t experience anything like that at all. Hopefully those were just bad days. Seems like they have taken efforts to improve things! You might want to give them another try.

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