Misc. Breakfasts: Groovin’ on Granola

Imagine my surprise when I received an email a few weeks ago from a lady named Hannah Burd, from Casper, Wyoming, who asked me if I’d like to sample her homemade granola snack. She explained that she and her husband, Kris, are the owners of a small bakery business at their home in Casper, where they basically started the bakery to help busy families who did not have time to make homemade food. They call their business, Burdhouse Bakery.

My mind instantly brought back memories of eating granola for breakfast when I was a young kid back in the mid 1980’s. Obviously, this was long before the days where most people really focused on healthy eating and living active lifestyles. Back in those days, it was a rarity to walk into a supermarket and see entire sections dedicated to healthy groceries or organic fruits and veggies. The granola I used to eat came from what we called the “health food store”, and it came in a 5lb, clear plastic bag with a home-printed label. My mom would buy a bag every time she would start another round of Weight Watchers, or some other fad or trendy diet of that era, and my sister and I would inevitably get stuck eating Mom’s granola for breakfast with her. I can remember thinking that it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good either.

Other than choking down a chewy chocolate chip granola bar every now and again during the last thirty years, I haven’t eaten much in the way of this healthy, breakfast option. So I eagerly responded to Hannah’s offer and waited with excitement for my homemade granola to arrive in the mail.


Burdhouse Bakery features nine different flavors of granola on their website, including an option to create your own mix, choosing from over thirty ingredients. But they didn’t always sell this delicious snack. In fact, they originally added it as just a filler, to round out their online menu of other breads, scones, muffins, and various baked goods. However, once customers tasted their granola, and then told other people about it, it quickly became one of their most popular, and most often purchased items.


I ordered three varieties of granola: the fan favorite Almond Mocha Granola, the Berry Delight Granola, and the Caramel Drizzle Granola. My family and I tried the Almond Mocha first. The main reason I selected this flavor was the fact that it’s advertized as “infused with real coffee”. To me, that’s about as good as gold. It’s also cooked with almonds, chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. Mrs. Grub Guy and I absolutely LOVED this mix. The flavors were very real, and really pronounced in this granola. Although I’m a Padawan granola tester (oh, sorry…there goes a little Star Wars geek leaking out of me again), it tasted like it was perfectly baked. The almonds added an earthy saltiness, the chocolate chips lent a sweetness to the blend, and it really did have the distinct flavor of coffee.


The Berry Delight Granola was equally delicious, yet different in a number of ways. It had the same fresh-baked taste, but this variety featured a raspberry-flavored granola as its base, and was sprinkled with craisins, dried cherries, white chocolate chips and peanuts throughout.  Mrs. Grub Guy enjoyed this flavor alot, and used it to top her yogurt on several occasions. The sweet chewiness of the dried fruits compliments the other ingredients very well.


The Caramel Drizzle Granola was the third flavor we tried. It reminded me a lot of the Almond Mocha flavor, but did have a slight caramel flavor. It was loaded with chocolate chips, and also included almonds and sunflower seeds, too. This flavor is one I think would be awesome on something like a bowl of caramel ice cream!! (Darn, I should have thought of that sooner. Oh well, guess I’ll have to place another order soon.)


My family enjoyed the granola we got from Burdhouse Bakery  immensely. We discovered that it’s the perfect, healthy snack for any time of day. With the love and attention that Hannah and her family are baking their delicious granola and other breads and treats, we will continue to support her business and enjoy her delicious products often.

If you would like to order Burdhouse Bakery’s granola or any of their other products, you can browse their website here.



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