Guest Blogger: Alicia and Alexis review brunch at Third & Hollywood

I recently had the pleasure of being part of a pow-wow with two fellow Columbus bloggers, Alicia and Alexis of Wander & Whine, where we had the ingenious idea of collaborating together for the benefit of our readers. In case you hadn’t heard, Wander & Whine is a hip new blog with a unique format, where these awesome ladies tag-team their way through posts about food, travel, local events, fashion and much more! It’s always a fun and entertaining read, and I’m a big fan of theirs, so I invited them to pen a guest spot for TBGG. Please enjoy this post (as well as their great photos) detailing one of their recent brunch visits and be sure to check them out at!!


Alicia and I were so excited when The Breakfast Grub Guy invited us to do a guest appearance on his blog. We are HUGE fans of local food (have you met us yet?), so, naturally, we’re fans of the Guy, and his noble quest for worthy breakfasts from one side of Ohio to the other.

We thought long and hard about where we’d meet up for brunch, and finally settled on Grandview’s Third & Hollywood. Husband and I had been here a few years ago fro Valentine’s Day (bacon-wrapped dates equal romance in my book), but we’d never made it in for brunch.

Inside dining

The place is just off busy Grandview Avenue, and feels a little bit like LA in the middle of Columbus. The rich brick and the sleek finishes lend a polished, hip look to the interior. The wine rack yawns over the dining room opposite the hulking but cozy fireplace.


The bar beckons from the side, promising an expertly mixed cocktail and more than a few bottles of good wine.

Another patio shot

The day we met was a singularly beautiful morning. Warm, but not too muggy, so we chose a table on the gorgeous patio.

IMG_1829 (2)

With our husbands, we were party of four, so we grabbed the last, massive and hip table outside.


My husband and I never turn down an appetizer, so we ordered a skillet of cheddar biscuits for the table. These bad boys are the real deal: they are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and perfectly cheese-y.

More Biscuit (2)

There’s more than a hint of onion and garlic, and they fall apart delightfully on your plate.


When it came to main dishes, we were all over the place. I was craving some roughage, so I went for the classic Caesar salad with the added bonus of chicken and avocado. I’m a fan of anything with giant pieces of avocado sprinkled throughout, and the salad was crisp, and fresh, just how I like it. The dressing wasn’t my favorite: it didn’t have the classic caesar tang, and there was altogether too much of it, but the chicken and sprinkled cheese were delicious.

Steak and Eggs

Husband went with a predictably meatier dish, and ordered the Steak and Eggs. His eggs were cooked to a perfect over-easy consistency, and the steak was juicy and tender. All mixed together, I think they were a bit of a triumph: and what is heartier than a well-cooked steak wrapped in firm and creamy eggs. The salad on the side was a nice, palate cleansing, touch, too.

Alicia and her husband stuck to breakfast food, but I’ll have her share that bit.



Alexis wasn’t kidding when she said we were all over the place. I hadn’t been to Third & Hollywood in a year or so–I had managed to exhaust myself with back-to-back brunches where all I ate was the Deep Dish Nutella French Toast. For old times sake, I kind of thought that’s what I’d order, but then the siren song of chorizo and eggs got me off course.


You really can’t blame me. This was an iron skillet heaped with veggies, black beans, avocado, chorizo, and cheddar topped with eggs–it couldn’t be denied. I half thought I’d order the French toast as “dessert,” but once I started chipping away at this mountain of food, I thought better of it.

I’ve been harping on about the Nutella French toast, but some of you may have realized it’s not actually on the menu (good catch). So here’s the deal, it’s not actually on the menu, but you can still order it. By coincidence, I was talking to a Third & Hollywood employee at a recent business event, and she told me that although the Nutella French toast is not on the brunch menu, the kitchen still whips up limited batches and will sell them until they are out. Pro tip of the day.


My husband’s order was pretty standard breakfast fare. He had the Classic Breakfast which comes with two Ohio organic eggs, applewood smoked bacon (or Niman Chorizo), and warm biscuits. I know Alexis has already sung her praises of these biscuits, but let me just say that I could come here for the biscuits alone. Anything that fluffy and dripping with garlic, cheese, and butter is top notch in my book. Make sure you order some when you visit.


Along with great food, the atmosphere can’t be beat. The kitchen is somewhat exposed, and there’s a constant flurry of activity behind the scenes.


There is also live music during brunch, and we popped inside to listen to some jazz for a clip. Like Alexis said, the inside is sleek and polished, but it doesn’t feel at all pretentious.

If you’re interested in experiencing Third & Hollywood for yourself, they do brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Spoiler: they are located at Third and Hollywood at 1433 West Third Avenue in Grandview. Though they do not do traditional reservations, they accept reservations for groups of six or more in the Vintage Room. Groups of six to eight may make online reservations up to one month in advance. For private events or groups of nine or more, you can give them a ring at(614) 488-0303.

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