TBGG’S Columbus Donut Crawl: Fall Edition is Coming!!


Hey everybody!

I’m excited to officially announce a new event that we’ve been working on that will be happening on October 25th – it’s called TBGG’s Columbus Donut Crawl: Fall Edition!! Our inaugural event is set to be a self-drive/self-pay tour that will include 6 stops at some of the yummiest donut shops and bakeries on the West, North, and North-central sides of Columbus, with a “Spring Edition” coming early next year focusing on downtown, East and South.


We’ll be meeting up at the Lil’ Donut Factory at 4345 Scioto Darby Rd. in Hilliard (43026) on Columbus’ West side on the morning of Saturday, the 25th, at 8:00 am. I will be introducing everyone to the owner of the shop, and you will have a chance to buy whatever, or how ever many donuts you want to try, and we will continue that trend via caravan to each of our stops along the way. This way, there is no cost  (aka FREE!!) to join us on the tour itself, and you can spend as much, or as little, as you want to! Again, since this is a no cost event, please plan to purchase your own donuts on the donut crawl.

Our additional stops will be at Auddino’s Bakery & Cafe at Mill Run (Hilliard), Honey Dip Donuts & Diner (UA), DK Diner (Grandview), Buckeye Donuts (Campus area), and Schneider’s Bakery (Westerville). We may stop for coffee along the way (I’ll leave that up to the group), but I will provide bottled water as well.

So, do you have plans for the morning of October 25th? If not, grab your friends and family and come hang out with me and we’ll sample some of the tastiest treats in all of Columbus together! If you plan on joining us, please either leave a note by clicking the “talk bubble” at the top of this post to let me know, or send me an email at thebreakfastgrubguy@gmail.com so that I can get an accurate head count.

Hope to see you there!!


One thought on “TBGG’S Columbus Donut Crawl: Fall Edition is Coming!!

  1. AlohaJo says:

    This sounds like fun. Now I will just have to convince the wife that a donut crawl is the appropriate way to celebrate our anniversary. Wish me luck.

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