Spiro’s Plaza Cafe – Columbus, OH


I recently went on a job interview where the owner of the company invited me to breakfast so that we could discuss my qualifications over a plate of eggs (free breakfast? Sure!!). Aside from my professional experience, he also seemed genuinely intrigued about the whole idea of photo-documenting my breakfast adventures, and about my writing experience, so I was more than happy to accompany him to an out of the way strip mall at the corner of McKinley and W. 5th Ave, for breakfast at a little diner that I honestly never knew existed – Spiro’s Plaza Cafe.

Spiro’s is a quiet little storefront diner that serves American and Greek cuisines. They offer a pretty limited breakfast menu which sticks to the basics, with nothing that really gets too overly creative or complicated. Their lunch and dinner menus offer a wider variety of Greek dishes, along with lots of old-fashioned family diner favorites.

The restaurant itself is divided into two halves – a bar side, and a dining room. I did take photos of the interior, but they were somehow deleted while I was compiling my photos for this post. Spiro’s is pretty quaint and neutral, and by that I mean that there really isn’t much to look at, or a whole lot of  character to the place. The dining room is clean and neat, but actually kind of plain. The bar is small, and is surrounded by a handful of high-top tables and a flat-screen TV, but otherwise, uneventful. The morning we visited, there were a couple of tables occupied by some younger folks on the bar side, but the dining room seemed to be where the older folks preferred to be. It was sort of strange, in a comfortable way.


My potential employer seemed to be a semi-regular at this joint, so we were waved in as soon as we arrived, and told to grab a seat wherever we liked. We scooted into a booth on the side of the room, and our waitress immediately brought out water and two mugs of warm diner brown. She was the only server in the restaurant that morning, and was very friendly and talkative. She made sure all of our dining needs were met and that our coffee cups never emptied more than half a cup. Great service!


As I mentioned, their breakfast menu was relatively small, but most of the classic diner bases are covered.


After looking over the menu for a minute or two, I decided on the Greek Omelet w/ gyro meat ($7.79). This dish was a BIG 3-egger filled with feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, and the gyro meat. You can also order this without the meat, but why would you?? It came with a big helping of home fries that were cooked well, but needed some seasoning. Thankfully, the salt and pepper shakers on the table were full, so it wasn’t so bad. It also came with some nice, buttery toast.


My omelet was pretty tasty, and had plenty of filling. The gyro meat was good, but was obviously prepackaged. It didn’t deter much from the omelet, but I’m not too sure I’d be as forgiving if I were to order an actual gyro. Nonetheless, I was pretty satisfied with my meal, and thanked my interviewer for treating me to a good plate of grub.


My dining companion ordered the Steak & Eggs ($10.49) which came with some of those potatoes and toast. He graciously offered his plate to me for photos, and I secretly wanted to steal a bite of his steak. He ordered his eggs over easy, which looked pretty spot on, and his steak medium.


Unfortuntely, his steak left a lot to be desired. It was quite small and seemed to have been cooked previously, and then just reheated with a little bit of a seer to each side when ordered. It was definitely not cooked medium, but was an overcooked well done. He did say that it was seasoned nicely, however.

Overall, I was grateful for the meal and the opportunity to discuss our potential business relationship. The plates at this cafe are large and filling. Spiro’s definitely isn’t the most trendy, happening place in town, but it would be a perfect spot to take your parents or grandparents for a nice diner-style meal.

Spiro’s Plaza Cafe is located at 2958 McKinley Ave, Columbus, OH 43204 (Map). They’re open Monday – Saturday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. For more info, check out their Facebook page here.

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