Introducing Modest Box: A subscription box service for lovers of everything local!!

My mother-in-law sends us “mystery boxes” in the mail all the time. My family loves getting these boxes in the mail, especially ones that are filled with some of our favorite things. The excitement of opening it to find special treats, hand-made items, jewelry, crafts, even clothes is enough to brighten even our darkest times.

Now imagine being able to send a box to one of your family members, friends, co-workers, or clients filled with locally made special eats and treats, jewelry, crafts, t-shirts and more. How awesome would that be?? Well, boxes filled with unique Columbus and Ohio-centric items are now available through a terrific subscription box service being introduced by Andrea Archibald of Simply Vague andΒ It’s called Modest Box, and it’s pretty awesome!!


The idea of Modest Box was born from Andrea’s desire to provide a local experience and local products to those who may not be in a position to live it first hand, as well as a passion to help small local businesses reach a larger audience with their products. She recently told The Metropreneur, “When my husband Nate and I opened Simply Vague in 2012, we met many of our vendors at farmer’s markets or festivals. These small business owners are so passionate about their brands and their businesses and they work so hard to get them off the ground. Some of the best products I have ever tried were discovered at a farmer’s market. I want to be able to bring that same experience to people who may not be able to experience it first hand.” Modest Box will help her do just that.

So, who is Modest Box for? Really, it’s for anybody. Folks who have moved away from Ohio and long for a little piece of home; as a “thank you” to a client or business associate; or even a fun gift to yourself!

Modest Box is available in three different types of boxes – a small assortment, a large assortment (this assortment is gender specific), and a t-shirt box that ships two, super-soft Ohio-made t-shirts each month. According to Andrea, you can expect to find a good mix of high-quality, Ohio-made food products, accessories, body products, and/or art in each box. Pricing is $39/mo (small), $89/mo (large), and $56 (t-shirts) plus shipping. Subscribers have the option to purchase just one box, or they can pay for three, six, or twelve months up front to receive discounts on the price per box. The first shipment of boxes are currently scheduled to go out February 12th.

I honestly can’t think of a better way to show your love of all things local than to share the gift of Modest Box with everyone you know!! To order your Modest Box, or for more info, you can visit


Another really special feature of Modest Box is that they donate $5.00 from each box ordered to support a local charity or organization. I have chosen Wexner Medical Center’s Movement Disorder Fund, which deals with educating medical professionals and the research of neurological disorders. This fund is very important to me, as these disorders affect three generations of Mrs. Grub Guy’s family. You can learn more about OSU Wexner Medical Center’s Movement Disorder Fund HERE.

When ordering, please include the coupon code “TBGG” to be sure your donation goes to this worthy cause!!


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