DK Diner – Columbus, OH


So, it seems as though the wife and I are currently on a trend of revisiting some of our favorite, classic Columbus breakfast spots that we’ve unintentionally neglected for quite a while. Earlier this month, we reacquainted ourselves with Katalina’s, where we fell in love all over again with their famously irresistible Pancake Balls (read the review HERE). Earlier this week, Mrs. Grub Guy had a taste for one of her favorite treats…donuts, so instead of running to one of our usual spots, we decided to head over for breakfast at a place that still makes some of the most delicious donuts I’ve ever eaten – DK Diner in Grandview.



Through the years, DK Diner has transitioned from a simple breakfast and donut shop where the old-timers liked to hang out, into a hip little diner. It’s not only frequented by long-time visitors, but also families, business people, and thanks to the addition of some community-style tables, they can now accommodate small groups too. When we visited, there was a group of 6-8 young professionals at the table beside us discussing business strategies over breakfast. That’s exactly the kind of thing that places like DK Diner needs more of, in my opinion, and a sign that DK continues to be one of the neighborhood “places to go” .


They’ve also added a really nice, spacious patio out front that can be heated for the colder months. Often times, when the place is packed, this space will be used as a waiting area where folks can enjoy some coffee or a donut until a table is available.


After finding our way to a table inside, I strolled over to the donut cases to have a peek. DK Diner still cranks tons of these bad boys out daily. They do their own version of the doussant – you know, the donut-croissant hybrid – drizzled with caramel or chocolate. These things were HUGE!


They also sell some of the most fabulous cream-filled long johns in town, as well as some enormous apple fritters and cinnamon rolls.


I just love the old school, non-uniformed style of DK’s donuts.


We started our visit with coffee. DK Diner serves Crimson Cup Coffee in several varieties. One of the things I love about this shop, is their self-serve beverage station. At the coffee bar, they have a small cooler set up for creamer, half & half, etc that you grab by the carton, and put back when you’re done. It feels kinda like home.


Their breakfast menu is still as strong as ever, with tried and true diner classics like omelets, egg combos, and carbs from the griddle. They also offer a grilled donut sandwich – a fried egg, American cheese, and bacon between two grilled DK glazed donuts. I haven’t had it here, but I have had a donut breakfast sandwich, and trust me, it is just as awesome as it sounds. For a full-sized view of DK’s menu, click HERE to check it out.


When it came time to order, the wife almost went with the donut sandwich, but changed her mind to The Mess ($7.95) at the last minute. It was a big plate of grilled corned beef hash, topped with two over-easy eggs, and toast. The hash was littered with tasty bites of green pepper and onion, and was grilled nicely. Eggs and toast were good.



I knew before we got here that I would be ordering at least a 1/2 order Biscuits & Gravy ($3.50). The half order comes with 1 biscuit and a small cup of gravy, as opposed to the full order which offers two biscuits and a larger bowl of the good stuff. I absolutely love DK’s biscuits and gravy. The biscuits aren’t the flakey, crumbly kind…they’re more light and doughy. The sausage gravy is rich and full of flavor, and it came with more than enough gravy to cover my biscuits. The crumbled sausage to gravy ratio was pretty generous, and I could have easily opted for a bigger plate of this as my full breakfast and been satisfied.


The reason I ordered just the 1/2 plate of biscuits & gravy was because I also ordered this plate of breakfast goodness – The Big Man ($7.95).  It was a big, 3-egg scramble which consisted of diced sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. It was served with a side of potatoes and toast. I upgraded my potatoes to include cheese, peppers and onions for $1 more, however with all of the veggies loaded into my eggs, I decided that ultimately it wasn’t necessary, but it was delicious nonetheless. The scramble was really tasty and very filling. The potatoes were good, but even with the cheese, they lacked seasoning. I didn’t eat the toast since I had the biscuit, too. Overall, a very good plate.


After we ate, we were so full that we opted to get two donuts to go so we could eat them later. I ordered the chocolate-iced long john ($1.95), and Mrs. Grub Guy went with a Sour Cream donut ($0.95). Later that evening, we enjoyed them very much, and they were still just as soft and fresh as when we left the diner. Their donuts are priced individually so that folks can just pick and chose what they want, however they do sell them by the dozen, too. For more on their selection and pricing, click HERE to check out their Donut List.

It was good to see that DK Diner is still going strong, putting out unbelievably good diner grub at a heck of a good price!  The restaurant was packed most of  the time we were there, and as I mentioned earlier, the couple of new tables with seating for larger parties really helped out with overcrowding.

DK Diner is the place to go for awesome donuts, no doubt about it. For anyone who wants friendly service and a good diner breakfast in a clean, comfy space…yep, this place. We enjoyed our visit, and we decided that we definitely won’t wait as long to come back again.

DK Diner is located at 1715 W. 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH 43212 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Friday, 6:00am – 9:00pm, Saturday 7:00am – 9:00pm, and Sunday 7:00am – 3:00pm. For more info, check out their website or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.
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