8 Questions for Nikki Stoughton


bfast club van

Nikki Stoughton is fulfilling her dream of making people happy through breakfast! She’s recently started a food delivery venture called The Breakfast Club Delivery, and along with her partner, Chef Josh Truex, is delivering gourmet, made-to-order breakfasts to hungry folks all across the Columbus area. They’re currently in their soft-opening phase until next month, when they hit the road full-time. I had a chance to interview Nikki recently for the blog, and asked her just 8 Questions…..

Let’s start with the basics. For those who aren’t familiar with your brand, can you tell us about what the The Breakfast Club Delivery does?

We deliver fresh, delicious breakfast to your home. Chef Josh creates each breakfast individually, and then we load them into their holding places in the delivery vehicle. I drive them to your home, plate them fresh in the vehicle then deliver each individual plate to your home’s table. We set ourselves apart from everyone else by delivering exactly what you would expect from table service in a restaurant. Freshly prepared, individually plated from our kitchen to your table.

How did Chef Josh Truex get involved with The Breakfast Club Delivery?

Josh and I have known each other for a long time (we act in amateur murder mystery dinner theater together). When I developed the business model, I sent it to him and his immediate response was “I don’t care what capacity, I’m in!” and from there we spent another 9 months further developing the concept and planning the launch. His expertise and experience have been incredibly valuable and I’m thankful for him.

What might a typical breakfast delivery look like?

We consider ourselves a boutique caterer, which is the same high quality of a restaurant, only it’s delivered to the table in your home rather than the table at a restaurant. Likely you’ll see an order of Eggs Benedict with a side of our house-made, smoked chicken sausage or French Toast stuffed with banana and toffee and topped with salted caramel sauce. We also have custom created omelets and crepes for those who like to experiment.

Pick your fave: Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast?

Honest answer, waffles are my fave of the three even though they aren’t offered yet. That being said, once we find a more permanent kitchen we will introduce waffles to the menu (because cheese & bacon waffles are my most fave, I’m a savory girl, for sure!)

bfast club grits

How does your Breakfast of the Month Club work?

This is a subscription service – for breakfast. Once you subscribe, you get breakfast for four people delivered monthly. As an example, if you choose every third Saturday you will receive four of the Chef Du Jour breakfasts every third Saturday for the duration of your subscription. If you want to change your order, you can too (especially helpful for all the different tastes you may be entertaining).

Two words – Doughnut Muffins!! Tell me more.

As I thought about the level of service I wanted to bring to The Breakfast Club, I thought it would be essential to provide a muffin or pastry to really complete the service. While brainstorming the perfect complement to our food, a donut muffin happen to be suggested and after a few attempts to perfect the recipe by Chef Josh, our donut muffin was born!

So, if you could go back to when you were first considering getting into the breakfast delivery business, what advice would the current you give yourself?

That’s a great question! I would tell that Nikki to stay the course, have confidence and courage, and above all else use the help being offered from your support team. It’s not an easy thing to do (starting your own business) but it is rewarding, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of support I’ve received not only from friends and family, but from other small business owners. It’s an amazing network to participate in.

And finally…How would someone go about ordering a delivery through The Breakfast Club??

Thank you for asking! The primary means of ordering is through our website, thebreakfastclubdelivery.com but we also take special orders and event orders via phone, which is (614) 601-1604.


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