Raccoon Coffee Co. – Columbus, OH


I’ve been on quite the coffee kick lately. The thing is, I can’t quite figure out if it’s because I’ve been more active in seeking out delicious, quality java, or if the coffee gods are somehow just finding me more often? Either way, last week while working on an upcoming 8 Questions interview (watch for it soon!!) with Ami Iannone and Jakob Murphy, co-owners of Columbus’ newest mobile coffee vendor, Raccoon Coffee Co., they invited me to visit them at their outing at Lucky’s Market in Clintonville this past Saturday.


Raccoon Coffee Co. is a dream job come true for both Ami & Jakob. Having gained a ton of knowledge and experience by working for several local coffee roasters and eateries for many years, they decided to turn their know-how into their own mobile coffee adventure. In 2013, they purchased a 1957 Trotwood trailer and over the next year would completely renovate it, inside and out. They tore the 56 year old trailer down to the studs and metal shell, and rebuilt it into a beautiful, classy little trailer that you can now find serving delicious hot and cold brew coffees and tea, as well as pastries and snacks, at many different events across Columbus!


Their menu is very simple and direct. Raccoon Coffee serves locally roasted Café Brioso coffee in a handful of methods and varieties, some of which can be flavored with their homemade syrups – flavors like vanilla bean and caramel.


I had been tipped off prior to my visit by an unnamed source (my people are everywhere!! Mwaahahaha!!!) who advised that I absolutely had to try their Homemade Chai ($3.50). When I arrived at the trailer and saw the Chai on the menu, I knew that’s what I’d be drinking. RCC makes their Chai in small batches using black tea, spices, real sugar and local, whole milk. They offer it in both steamed and iced variety, and of course, when given the option, you’ve gotta go with iced!


I also noticed the little sign at the order window advertising their Tiny Pies. According to Ami, these pies are made from her Granny Tootsie’s timeless and incredible recipes. Ami was offering two varieties that day – Apple or Sweet Potato – so I ordered a Sweet Potato Tiny Pie ($5.00) to enjoy with my latte.


The iced chai was absolutely wonderful! It was sweet and creamy, and the blend of spices was perfect – not too strong, not too weak. I’ve had chai lattes that were so strong I could barely drink them. This was not like that. It was probably the best I’ve had. Seriously. My only complaint was that I wanted more of it after my cup was empty!

Likewise, the Tiny Pie was really, really good too! I loved the crust – it was flaky, but was sort of thicker, like a shell…and it had a delicious, buttery flavor. The pie filling was smooth and well spiced. The addition of the torched mini marshmallows on top was absolute genius.


The Spring and Summer seasons mean many festivals and fun events in Columbus, Ohio, and Raccoon Coffee is sure to be found at lots of different stops throughout the city. I’m hoping for big things for these guys. They are genuinely great folks who have worked really hard for what they have, and I hope they succeed in every way! If you see them around town, be sure to stop by and grab a delicious coffee or chai latte and a snack.

Pro Tip: Raccoon Coffee can also cater your private event!! They offer the option of bringing the full trailer for outdoor events, or setting up a small indoor cart!! So if you’ve got a wedding, a birthday party, a meeting, a family reunion…whatever…coming up this summer, contact them for pricing and availability!!

To find out more about where and when Raccoon Coffee Co. will be stationed around town, be sure to check out their website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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