Grub on Wheels: OD on BBQ – Columbus, OH


I thought I knew about every barbecue place in town. I have consumed some of the most amazing pulled pork, brisket, and ribs at many of Columbus’ best smokehouses, food trucks, and rib shacks. But earlier this year I discovered a hidden BBQ gem on the southeast side of Columbus, and I couldn’t have been more excited!! ( I snapped this picture when I first found this place, thus the snow on the ground – lol).

OD on BBQ has been a regular resident in the parking lot of Smith Farm Market (3341 Winchester Pike) for almost ten years. Consisting of a decent-sized food trailer with a big smoker out back, and a large, sturdy canopy that shelters several picnic tables, owner Dan Burch is on site just about every day smoking pork, chicken and beef to satisfy just about any barbecue craving you might have. But with just a small sign with the letters “BBQ” near the road to direct the public, OD on BBQ is pretty easy to miss unless you’re looking for it. I just happened to stumble upon them recently while out for a drive, and decided to stop in for a sampling.


OD on BBQ serves up all of your traditional favorites in their award-winning, Southern pit-smoked BBQ style: pulled pork, beef brisket and pulled chicken sandwiches which you can order individually, in a combo, or by the pound; 1/4 slab, 1/2 slab, and whole slab ribs, as well as rib tips; half and whole chickens; as well as homemade sides such as cole slaw, baked beans, red skinned potato salad, corn pudding, mixed greens and more that they sell in individual, pint and quart sizes. They also offer a couple of family-sized meal deals, which include enough food to feed an army. And on top of all of that, they also find time to make two varieties of their own homemade BBQ sauces– The Cure (sweet) and Defib (spicy).


On my first visit, I met the staff and got to taste a little of what they offered. Based off of their recommendations, I ordered a cup of Wild Bill’s BBQ Stew ($2.35), a favorite of those in-the-know. The stew was very much like a hearty vegetable soup with a thin, slightly BBQ-flavored broth, corn, tomatoes, and a couple kinds of beans to add flavor and texture. It also contained OD on BBQ’s pulled pork, chicken and brisket which bulked up the dish nicely. I can certainly see why it’s always in such demand.


I recently went back and ordered one of their monstrous pulled pork sandwiches ($5.85), and a side of their mac & cheese ($2.35). The sandwich was simply enormous, with a softball-sized portion of pulled pork piled high atop a sturdy bun, and smothered in sweet BBQ sauce. The pork had a great smoky flavor and was very tender. The sauce was somewhat thin, but tasted incredible. It was served with several spicy, homemade dill pickle chips that were much appreciated.


The mac & cheese was nice and had decent flavor, but it just wasn’t that gooey, cheesy baked mac & cheese I was hoping for. The seasoned breadcrumb topping gave it a little more definition and flavor, as well as some much needed texture, but it could definitely benefit from the addition of a bolder cheese added to the mix. Overall, I’d give my meal at OD on BBQ one and a half sauce-covered thumbs up because of the delicious pork (I need a wet-nap)!!

OD on BBQ was definitely a great find. Their meats are tender and are smoked really well, and their sauces are delicious (hey, I lived in Memphis, I know good BBQ!!). Remember, they’ve got your BBQ needs covered for everything from a quick bite on your lunch break during the work week, to a Sunday afternoon family reunion under the awning. If you’re like me and think you’ve had all the barbecue Columbus can offer, head over to Smith Farm Market and check out OD on BBQ. Trust me, it’s worth the drive!

I hope to get back to that side of town to try some of their other grub soon!!

OD on BBQ is located at 3341 Winchester Pike, Columbus, OH 43232 (MAP). They’re open Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00am – 8:00pm, and Sundays 12:00pm – 6:00pm. For more info follow them on Facebook .

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