Tremont Goodie Shop – Upper Arlington, OH


Sweets and treats are a big part of my world. As a food writer and breakfast lover, I’m always on the hunt for awesome local shops that are serving up freshly made donuts, pastries, and other such glorious offerings. So, there’s this shop in Upper Arlington that I’ve been hearing about since I moved back to Columbus from Philly in 2010, that for some reason, I’ve never visited. It’s a place that has a long and storied history in the area, and a place that provides cherished memories for many folks – the Tremont Goodie Shop, aka the Original Goodie Shop. I decided to finally stop in recently to experience why this little shop is such a beloved part of so many people’s lives.


In the nearly sixty years that they’ve been serving delicious desserts to their community, the Tremont Goodie Shop has become an Upper Arlington institution. One quick search of the online review sites and you’ll find a multitude of personal memoirs from fans young and old – people who have been indulging in the Goodie Shop’s goodies for decades, and those who have recently found them for the first time. They’re a business that is definitely loved by their community. In fact, in 2009, when the Goodie Shop closed up shop citing economical hardship, fans of the bakery rallied around them and did what it took, including holding gatherings and selling t-shirts, to pull them through their hard times. The shop reopened shortly thereafter, and has been going strong ever since.


Tucked back into a corner of the Tremont Center off of Tremont Rd, the Goodie Shop is 100% small-town bakery in a modern world. As soon as we entered the shop, the aroma of fresh-baked delights consumed us as we were warmly and cheerfully greeted with a smile by the lady waiting behind the counter. The shop is petite and charming, but it makes good use of the space, featuring several cases filled with their many baked goods.


There’s also a modest seating area where you can sit, relax and enjoy a pastry or a big ol’ iced cookie, and a cup of coffee. They also have a nice bistro table outside in the shade, along with some benches that surround one of the Center’s courtyards.


The Goodie Shop does many, many things very well, but if there’s one thing they’re known for it’s their Cinnamon Sticks.  If you’ve never had one (like I hadn’t) you’re in for a real treat. The Sticks are wee in size but huge in flavor, and will satisfy just about any sweet tooth. Multi-layered pastry dough, along with butter, cinnamon and sugar make these things highly addictive – imagine taking the yummy insides of a cinnamon roll and pressing it flat like a cookie. That’s kind of what they’re like….only better! I mentioned to the lady who was helping me that this was my first time visiting the shop, and she instantly handed me one of these beauties to sample. She told me that people all over the country order these by the boxful and have them shipped directly from the shop to wherever they are, and the farthest they’ve shipped them is Afghanistan! These are definitely one of my new favorite sweets in town!


They also make room for a coffee station featuring locally-roasted Crimson Cup Coffee.


Donuts are in abundance here too! All of their donuts are scratch-made in house (as are all of their goods), and I was immediately drawn to them. I had heard amazing stories about their bear claws and their fritters, but unfortunately didn’t see any on the day we stopped. That didn’t deter me though.



Stop drooling!


Being that it was mid-morning, we decided that a snack was in order. We opted for one of their Buttermilk Stick donuts, along with a few more Cinnamon Sticks. The donut was really fresh and delicious. I also grabbed a cup of Crimson Cup’s Celtic Grogg coffee to accompany my cake. So good.


After snacking, I snapped a few photos of some of the shop’s other delicacies, like their beautiful wedding cakes. The Goodie Shop bakes custom-made specialty cakes for all occasions, and has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to make sure the cake is exactly what the customer wants it to be. I especially loved the cakes on display, including this one with the cascading emerald-colored roses. The shop also stocks a nice assortment of cake baking and decorating supplies for all of you DIY’ers out there!


And then there are the cookies…they’re everywhere!! Thumbprint cookies, Snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, and these tea cookies come in a variety of flavors….


Their artful and inspired iced cookies are a huge hit with the kids. I seriously almost bought a Cookie Monster cookie for myself 🙂


And then of course you have the Buckeyes. A staple in just about every Columbus bakery and candy shop (especially during football season), these guys aren’t really unique, but they sure are tasty!!

During my visit, I got to chat with Emilie Smith, who is the current shop manager and the daughter of owner, Debbie Smith. She told me that the Smith’s know that they’re lucky to be as loved by supported as they are, and that they strive to make this family business the best it can be, by offering the freshest, tastiest treats they can possibly make.

It was definitely nice to find another local bakery in town that not only focuses on high-quality products, but one that employs a friendly, welcoming staff and owners who know the value of a satisfied customer.

The Tremont Goodie Shop’s community obviously values and appreciates them too, and has for many years. And that’s what it’s all about.

The Tremont Goodie Shop is located at 2116 Tremont Center, Upper Arlington, OH 43221 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Thursday, 7:00am – 6:00pm, Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm, and Saturday 7:00am – 5:00pm. For more info, visit their website, or follow their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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