Crimson Cup Coffee House – Upper Arlington, OH



Just a couple of weeks ago, Crimson Cup Coffee opened their second company-owned coffee house at the corner of Lane Ave and Northwest Blvd in Upper Arlington. The location, as I’m sure many of you are well aware, has been used in similar fashion by prior residents (most recently Peet’s, and Caribou before that), but I think Crimson Cup has the local presence to make the new shop into something really special. The folks at Crimson Cup have made no bones about the fact that they don’t believe in cookie-cutter shops, so they have designed the new shop to offer a completely different experience than their Clintonville store.


The new store is an inviting space with lots of seating, including a pleasant patio area out front, which has always been one of the greatest features about this place. Inside the shop, the front counter is stocked with bottled drinks and juice, as well as muffins, scones, coffee cakes and cake pops.


The back half of the shop is a comfy sitting area featuring a charming fireplace surrounded by armchairs and end tables, which gives it a homey feel. There are also several other tables that can be pushed together for larger groups. The exposed brick, ceiling duct work, and custom painting lends a cool, artsy vibe to the room.


The front of the house is huge and bright, with a few tables lining the windows. The major focus of the shop is the brew bar, which is the perfect vehicle for providing a deeper coffee experience.


Crimson Cup’s brew bar showcases the slow coffee-brewing techniques that bring out the optimum flavor of each coffee bean. The innovative Modbar, which is a new and revolutionary coffee brewing experience that is completely modular, stores all of the major brewing hardware under the counter, so that all the customer experiences are the beautiful taps that pour their favorite drinks.


A perfect example of this are the several nitrogen and carbon dioxide taps that dispense their cold-brew coffees and several other favorites.


I tried the Sidamo Ardi cold-brewed Nitro ($3.75). It was very Ethiopian-like, being light, fruity and bright, and the nitrogen infused drink was extremely smooth and flavorful. Many coffee connoisseurs have raved about their Hopped Nitro, but they were out on the day I visited. I definitely plan to try it soon.


The brew bar menu also includes delicious drinks such as espressos, lattes, cortados, and pour-overs, along with coffee cocktails. The rest of the menu is there too, like hot loose-leaf teas, frozen drinks, iced coffee & tea, and even breakfast sandwiches.


In addition to serving up their amazing coffee to the community, Crimson Cup also plans to use the new location as a “testing lab” to experiment and utilize the latest coffee brewing equipment and methods to stay current on the latest trends in the coffee biz.


You can still buy Crimson Cup’s products at the new store, for your home-brewing desires. Several varieties of beans, as well as home-brewing equipment are available for purchase.

I hadn’t been in the shop when it was Peet’s, but I was there when it was a Caribou Coffee, and I have to say that from what I remember, the feeling in the shop is just so much more cheerful and welcoming to me, as Crimson Cup’s newest location.  It’s the kind of place where you can relax and unwind, or enjoy coffee with family and friends.

I’m excited for the addition of the Coffee House to the UA area, and it’s a place I know my family and I will surely be frequenting. Stop by and check them out when you’re in the area. If you’re lucky, you may just be among the first to try a new coffee or brewing method. If not, at least you’re guaranteed to receive an excellent cup of locally-roasted coffee from Columbus’ oldest roaster.

Crimson Cup Coffee House is located at 2468 Northwest Blvd, Upper Arlington, OH 43221 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Friday, 6:00am – 9:00pm, Saturday, 7:00am – 9:00pm, and Sunday, 7:00am – 8:00pm. For more info, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and check out their website

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