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So, I’ve found myself on a bit of a “farewell breakfast tour” lately by revisiting some of my favorite Columbus diners and eateries in recent weeks, before I head off to Philadelphia. We’ve been to DK Diner, Katalina’s, Jack & Benny’s Barnstormer Diner, Buckeye Donuts, Fox in the Snow Café and more…but I knew I HAD to get back to Hang Over Easy before I left. It’s easily one of my favorite campus breakfast joints. I realized that I had never reviewed it for the blog, so when my buddy David, who is new to town, wanted to grab some breakfast, I decided to kill two birds with one stone: I’d take the opportunity to say farewell to HOE by using this meal as my one of my final Columbus reviews (sigh…that hurts), and introduce him to one of his new city’s breakfast gems.


Hang Over Easy is one of those places where college kids come to grub after a night of heavy…umm…indulgence? Thankfully, they let regular guys like me come and partake too, so there’s always a good mix of students and people just looking for awesome breakfast food.


The atmosphere here is very laid back and casual. There’s plenty of room during the week, but as you can imagine, the place gets packed on the weekends, so expect a wait.


HOE does utilize lots of chalk board signage, for everything from their daily specials to their beer list. We found this nice little shout-out to the local products and vendors they use, which was a nice touch.


Their breakfast menu is labeled “Morning Prescription”, and offers tons of amazing dishes with quirky names such as their breakfast burrito called the “Dirty Sanchez” (heh), a plate of biscuits & gravy topped with two eggs they call “Frog’s Eyes”, and combo plates like the “Angry Egg” and “Sloppy Seconds”.


I ordered the CBH ($7.99), which was a HUGE plate of, you guessed it, Corned Beef Hash. It was made from their sliced, house-made corned beef and a huge portion of their famous HOE fries (i.e. really good fried potatoes). It was topped with two eggs and came with a side of toast (in my book, you ALWAYS order rye toast with corned beef hash).


I ordered my eggs over-medium, which came out perfectly (whites totally cooked with the yolks slightly runny), and the hash was absolutely delicious. The crispy, chunky HOE fries were seasoned very well and the tender, briny corned beef was outstanding. The portion size on this plate was huge, and I didn’t need anything else until dinner. Positively a winner!!


Here’s one of their all-inclusive plates, the Ramblin’ Man ($7.50), which included two eggs, HOE fries, toast, and 3 slices of French toast or pancakes. We ordered a side of bacon ($2.99) to go with it. Again, the eggs were cooked perfectly, delicious potatoes, and crisp bacon…all good stuff.


The French toast was a really tasty diner-style variety, powdered with sugar and a big scoop of butter, and came with a side pitcher of syrup. Who doesn’t love that??

Pro Tip: Hang Over Easy recently expanded by opening a shop in the Clifton/Avondale area of Cincinnati!! So, the next time you’re in the Queen City, stop in for an awesome start to your day.

I’ll tell you what guys, if you live here and have never been to HOE, or haven’t been in a while, it’s definitely worth the visit. I had forgotten just how good their food is! The prices are really affordable, especially for the portion sizes you get. And I seriously can’t say enough about the service – our server was super friendly and she made sure our meal was just what we wanted it to be, including keeping our coffee mugs filled for our entire visit.

College campus grub doesn’t get better than this.

HOE Rocks! Goodnight, Columbus!!

Hang Over Easy is located at 1646 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43201 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 3:00pm, and Saturday & Sunday, 8:00am – 3:00pm. For more info, you can check the out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram


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