Know Your Breakfast: Goetta


Welcome to a new feature here on The Breakfast Grub Guy: Know Your Breakfast!!

Know Your Breakfast will be a regular blog post that I will share with you guys every couple of weeks, in addition to my upcoming local breakfast reviews throughout the Philadelphia area. I want TBGG to be not only a source of awesome breakfast and brunch reviews and recommendations for you to use as a tool, but also a source of info on the wonderful world of breakfast.

Each week I will highlight a regionally-specific breakfast food, little knows breakfast facts and tips, a cultural or ethnic breakfast meal, unique cooking techniques, and more! The idea is to introduce you to things you may have never experienced, and to get you in the mood to explore new breakfast and brunch options. Our area is a hugely diversified, cultural mix, and there are all kinds of new foods to try and new ways to up your breakfast game all around you!!

So without further ado….


This is goetta.

Similar to what we know as scrapple here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Goetta (pronounced Get-uh) is made of ground pork scraps, or sometimes pork and beef, and is primarily eaten in the Cincinnati area. It’s a combination of the ground meat, pin-head oats (also called Steel-cut oats), and spices, and is then usually formed into a loaf or roll, and congealed. The typical cooking method is to simply slice and pan fry.


It’s considered a sausage mush and is of German inspiration. Goetta was originally a peasant dish meant to stretch out servings of meat over several meals to conserve money.


Today, most people enjoy goetta as a side meat to their breakfast, just as you would bacon, sausage, ham or scrapple.


Glier’s Goetta is the largest commercial producer of the breakfast meat. They produce more than 1 Million pounds annually, around 99% of which is consumed locally in Greater Cincinnati.


Folks in that area love goetta so much, that every year Glier’s hosts Goettafest. It’s a weekend event, usually held in August, where goetta is used in all sorts of foods – goetta pizza, goetta desserts, and even goetta cheesesteaks!!

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with any restaurant that currently serves goetta in our area. If you do ever see it on a breakfast menu around town, be sure to try it, and let us know too!!

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