Devon Donut & Bagel Company – Devon, PA


I’m always in the mood for good donuts. And when I say good donuts, I mean small shop – big flavor, old-fashioned donuts. I am not a fan of Dunkin’ Donuts, and although it seems there’s one on every street corner around here, I’d gladly pass up ten of them to find one good shop. Enter Devon Donut & Bagel Company. This cozy little shop is exactly what I’ve been looking for since moving to the Philly suburbs. And although it’s just a bit of a trip, it’s totally worth it.


The first thing you notice when you walk in to DD&BC is the jumbo wall menu which is laid out nicely and is easy to read. Donuts and bagels are all priced both individually and by the dozen, and of course they have a variety of cream cheeses. There are also breakfast (egg, cheese & meats, wraps, etc.) and lunch (burgers, chicken, clubs, etc.) sandwiches too, which you can order on your choice of bagel, croissant, or roll.


The front half of the space is used as a dining area with several tables and some sturdy chairs. It’s a nice spot to sit and relax with a donut and coffee, or to enjoy a quick bite to eat.


The back half of the shop is where the order counter is found, with racks and racks of delicious donuts and bagels beyond that. There are some other featured items located along the counter such as specialty muffins, their fresh orange juicer and more. The staff was very friendly and helpful on the day we visited, and offered suggestions on our selection of goods.


DD&BC makes all of their bagels and donuts fresh daily. They have a pretty decent selection of bagels, with a lot of the old favorites as well as some new (French toast!!).


We tried one of their breakfast sandwiches while we were there – theΒ Sausage, Egg & Cheese ($4.49), and selected an Everything bagel to hold it all together. It was a solid breakfast sandwich that was certainly easy to enjoy. The bagel was really fresh and had a nice amount of “everything” coating the top. The egg was fine, the sausage flavorful, and they used White American cheese, which I enjoyed. Certainly nothing extraordinarily amazing, but better than some breakfast bagels you’ll find out there.


The donut selection is pretty impressive, and it seems as though DD&BC excels in the current candy bar donut topping trend. They had lots of different flavors I hadn’t seen done before – Snickers, Heath, Butterfinger – and some that I have – M&M, Reese’s, Oreos, etc. On the other hand, if you’re a donut traditionalist, they have you covered there, too. Overall, I believe I counted over 50 different kinds.


I snagged a Mixed dozen ($10.99)Β with the help of Carey, who made suggestions and pointed out some of their best sellers. They rotate flavors and donut styles based on availability, and their current popular flavors seem to be the seasonal pumpkin and blueberry donuts filled with cream cheese icing.


I did score one of the pumpkin/cream cheese beauties, and tried to sort of intermix my selections between the ridiculously sweet and traditional. I opted for a couple of chocolate-iced with vanilla cream in the center, a raspberry filled, an “old fashioned” (which was excellent!!), a Nutella-iced donut, and an apple fritter.


I also chose a couple of salted caramel donuts, a hot chocolate donut, a Reese’s donut, and an M&M-covered iced devil’s food chocolate. Don’t worry, I didn’t plan to eat these all by myself. I shared with 4-5 other people in my family πŸ™‚

I really liked Devon Donut & Bagel Company’s product. I’ve already told you about the bagel sandwich, but the donuts were even better. Some of them were way, way too sweet for me, but the kids loved them. You can just tell that these aren’t a production line, donut chain donut. And I think that’s what I liked most of all.

Pro Tips:

  • Devon Donut & Bagel Comapny does a great carryout business. They even allow you to phone ahead to place your order, and they’ll have your sandwich or box of bagels/donuts ready for you when you get there.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for their specials, list of daily flavors, and contests!!
  • They are often open on holidays!! There’s nothing better than NOT having to cook breakfast when you’ve been cooking and preparing a holiday meal. A big box of fresh bagels or donuts are perfect for these occasions!!

Devon Donut and Bagel Company is located at 6 Berkley Rd, Devon, PA 19333 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Sunday, 6:00AM – 1:30PM, but often sell out before. For more info, check them out on FB (link above) or Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Devon Donut & Bagel Company – Devon, PA

  1. AlohaJo says:

    Now I can’t wait to visit family that lives in the area. Keep your excellent reviews coming. I just know I am going to have a whole list of great places to eat when out that way. I’ll be able to show my brother in law that there are great non-chain restaurants in his area. Thanks, but I still miss your Columbus reviews.

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