Blog Lovin’: A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

I love breakfast blogging. Simply stated. It gives me a creative outlet in which to express, in words and photos, my passion for tasting and cooking delicious foods. But let’s be honest, there are many, many food bloggers out there who do a terrific job. There are a ton of other blogs that I enjoy keeping up with on a regular basis, and having just moved from Columbus, I have many favorites from my hometown. But now that I’m a Philly area chap, I have also discovered some really great food-centric local blogs here as well. And yet still, others from cities I have never even been to.

I thought I’d take this opportunity, before we get started back up here at TBGG full-time with lots of awesome local bfast reviews and other great stuff (GIVEAWAYS are returning!!) to share with you some of my favorite local (and otherwise) food-centric blogs. Check these guys out! They do a great job!!


Philly Blogs

Belly of the Pig

John has been blogging since 2011, and his blog was actually one of the first Philadelphia-based food blogs that I stared reading. I found Belly of the Pig a couple of years ago while still in Cbus and started following it so that I would have some ideas of places to eat at when visiting my family in Philly. John blogs mainly about dinners at higher-end restaurants, but there are also the occasional pizza joints thrown in. This blog also regularly features meals from his travels to Chicago, NYC, Atlantic City, and more.

Philly Phoodie

Thad does an excellent job on this Philly-based blog that centers around his favorite sandwich shops and pizza joints in the city and surrounding area. Philly Phoodie is what I refer to as a “regular guy” blog, in that he usually blogs about generally inexpensive, easily accessible restaurants and bars that anybody can afford to eat at. The humor and smartassness (is that a word?) are one of my favorite parts of his writing, and his photos are great!

Philly Food Girl

I love this blog. Philly Food Girl always seems so happy and cheerful, and it shows in her writing. Her Italian background often comes shining through when she blogs about cooking, and her recipes are great! She also regularly features reviews of a meal out, or simply highlights a specific menu item. Lots of personal pics give this blog character and warmth.


Philadelphia Magazine’s food blog is one of the blogs I go to to find out what’s happening food-wise around the city. There’s everything from “Best of” lists to the latest restaurant news and reviews. This blog is jam-packed with info and can feel be a bit crammed sometimes, but I usually go through article by article and find the flow manageable that way.

Philly Grub

In the same style as Foobooz, Philly Grub is another blog I check frequently for all of the latest Philly food news. There’s great up-to-date info on lots of food related events, and even a blogger guide, too!!


ย Columbus Blogs

CMH Gourmand

Penned by local food guru Jim Ellison, CMH Gourmand is one of the oldest Columbus food blogs around (9 + years!!). Jim is basically an expert on everything from beer (He co-owns and leads tours for Columbus Brew Adventures), pizza, BBQ, and much more. His blog is just as varied, with posts including such subjects as restaurant reviews, eating/dining tips, Columbus culinary history, and opinion pieces. His posts are plainly written, easy to read, and always entertaining.

Breakfast with Nick

Honestly, Breakfast with Nick has been my go-to blog since moving away from Cbus. This guy loves breakfast as much as I do!! He’s been blogging since 2007, and has reviewed just about every breakfast/brunch spot in town! I’ve worked with Nick on a number of occasions and he’s a superstar when it comes to local food knowledge. He leads a breakfast and brunch tour for Columbus Food Adventures (if you get the chance, take it!). His blog covers primarily breakfast, with the occasional reach outside of the morning meal. His writing and photos are both great, and flow really well. Also watch for recipes from his wife, and other special posts!

The 614orty-Niner

Joe has been writing his blog for a couple of years now, but somehow still feels like a relative newcomer to the Columbus blog scene. He blogs about everything from travel (he’s originally from San Francisco) to ice cream to beer. He often combines two or three reviews into one blog post, which can somtimes lead to a rather lengthy read, but his writings are always well thought out and always worth the time.

Wander and Whine

Written by a pair of awesome ladies, Alexis and Alicia, the tag-team style of this blog is entertaining in its own right. I enjoy this blog because these girls bring it, in a down-to-earth style that is simply charming. They often blog about their local food and drink adventures, travel, books, and more. Their photography is enjoyable and the flow of the blog is smooth.


Alexis Joseph is a registered dietitian and whole foods enthusiast. Her blog is used to further her desire to bring healthy alternatives to Columbus. She co-owns Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe, and is truly an ambassador of good health to the city. At Hummusapien, she writes about and photographs her favorite healthy eats, recipes, and more!!


Other Blogs

The Hunger James

This NYC blog is just plain old fun to read. As you probably guessed, a lot of the content is based off of The Hunger Games movie series, but the blog itself is very nicely composed and easy to read. I especially love the randomness of the “Cheezits” rating system.

The Red Headed Traveler

Julie writes one of my all-time favorite blogs. Herย philosophy in life is simple: “When you can, travel, when you’re not traveling, eat something delicious, and when you’re not eating something delicious, cook something even more delicious.” The photography on her blog is simply beautiful – both travel and cuisine.

There are, of course, so many more great blogs that I didn’t have room to mention (sorry). Did I miss your favorites? Which local and non-local blogs do you read??


5 thoughts on “Blog Lovin’: A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

  1. Julie @ The Red Headed Traveler says:

    Thanks so much for including me, I’m really touched ๐Ÿ™‚

    I loved the small bit of Columbus’ food scene I got to experience last year on a trip there and needless to say you’re in good hands with my hometown’s food scene (Philly all the way).
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers

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