Creekside Pleasantville Diner – Oley, PA


Several weekends back, a couple of my former co-workers from long ago sent me a message on Facebook asking me if my family and I would like to get together for a “Welcome back to PA” breakfast. As you know, I never turn down an invitation to breakfast, especially when we’re eating someplace I’ve never been before. Both of these friends live about an hour or so north of the city near Boyertown, PA, and they wanted me to come to their neck of the woods and try one of their favorite local diners, where I was promised an authentic, big country breakfast. So without hesitation, the boy and I (Mrs. Grub Guy wasn’t feeling well) took off on a Saturday morning for a mini-adventure into the Pennsylvania countryside. With GPS fully engaged, we set out to find the Creekside Pleasantville Diner in Oley, PA.


Just a little side note: I HATE bridges. I don’t know…it’s just a weird phobia thing. I hate big bridges that go over lots of water, and I hate little, rickety, covered bridges. So when we reached “Covered Bridge Rd.” near Oley, I knew that wasn’t a good sign. This one wasn’t rickety, but it was one lane, and that was bad enough! I knew though, that they don’t have these things in the city, so we had to be getting close.


After a relaxing drive (aside from bridge anxiety), we finally reached the diner at around 8:30am. Creekside Pleasantville Diner is a sort of inconspicuous place, sandwiched between an auto mechanic’s shop and a meat market along a wide open stretch of road. Inside, the diner had all the makings of a cozy, country eatery. It was sectioned off into two rooms, the first being long and narrow with a counter and stools, some comfy booths, and a few tables in the back. It was just the kind of space you would expect to see at a local breakfast spot in the hills and fields of rural PA.


The second room was a larger “dining room” type area, with larger tables, a really great stone fireplace, and all types of country decor. The Holstein cow theme was everywhere, from the curtains to the table clothes to the kitsch. It had a very homey, welcoming feel to it.


There were definitely many of the traditional, small town diner mainstays present – the sassy, older waitress who jokes with the regulars; the slightly weak, diner-brown coffee that you could drink a gallon of and accompanying disposable creamer cups; and the place mats advertising local businesses. I seriously LOVE places like this!!


Another trademark of a good diner is the menu: Plastic coated pages full of delicious breakfast options at ridiculously affordable prices. Creekside’s menu did not disappoint. It featured two or three full pages of classic breakfast combos and other comfort food, and that didn’t even include the weekend specials that our server told us about. There was nothing terribly innovative or unique, but what was there was food that people like to eat, in large portions, at great prices. I’m sold.


Case in point: Blaine’s Sausage Gravy Over Biscuits with Homefries ($7.99). My friend Kristin ordered this bad boy and I was immediately jealous as soon as it hit the table (anyone who reads TBGG regularly knows of my obsession with biscuits & sausage gravy). The gravy was about as chunky as I’ve ever seen, and enveloped the biscuits beautifully. She also requested a scoop of gravy over her red-skinned homefries as well, and honestly, why not? She said she and her husband frequent this breakfast spot and this dish is what she regularly orders. I know one thing, if I’m ever here again, I’m ordering this!!


As soon as the words came out of our waitress’ mouth as she was giving us the rundown of specials, Grub Boy knew what he was eating that morning – Red Velvet Pancakes ($2.99/1)!! We were forewarned that the pancakes here were about the size of our heads, so I’m sure the waitress already knew my answer when she asked, “Just one?”. He loved that it came topped with a ton of whipped cream, too. The flapjack was in fact pretty darn huge. He managed to work though about a quarter of it before he was done.


My other friend, Kelly, ordered this big plate of breakfast love, the Farmer’s Scramble ($6.99), which consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese, and some of those yummy homefries. She also opted to have some of the weekend special Spicy Sausage Gravy added to the top. I’m not sure if they used spicy sausage or if they added a little heat to the gravy itself, but it did have a little deeper color versus its “regular” counterpart . Either way, this meal looked delicious!!


I decided to go with the Cowboy Special ($8.99), which consisted of two eggs, two slices of bacon, two sausage, toast, my choice of homefries or shredded hashbrowns, and two pancakes. So, needless to say, driving out to the country made me hungry. This breakfast plate was absolutely huge. Everything was cooked very well and was just how I like it. The bacon was cut pretty thick, and was really, really good. We asked our waitress if they got it from the meat market next door, and she said that they actually get it from a local distributor (I don’t remember the name). She did say that they will often buy from their neighbors though, and their product is tasty too.


My breakfast also came with two of the dinner plate-sized pancakes, which I was simply too full to eat. I took a few bites just to try them, but ended up boxing them and bringing them home for the boy to devour later. When I placed my order, the waitress asked me if I wanted regular butter or cinnamon butter – I mean, when given that kind of choice, who wouldn’t go with cinnamon butter?? They weren’t the most flavorful pancakes I’d ever eaten, but they were hot and fluffy and fine. Overall, I really enjoyed my breakfast.

Creekside Pleasantville Diner was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be when I heard we were having breakfast in the country – a simple, rural diner full of friendly staff and regulars who know that this is the place in this area to come to for big plates of breakfast comfort food at inexpensive prices. It’s quite the trek for me, so I’m not sure when I’ll ever be able to get back here for breakfast, but it’s certainly a place I’ll be sure to stop in again if I’m in the area.

Creekside Pleasantville Diner is located at 2644 W. Philadelphia Ave, Oley, PA 19547 (MAP). They’re open from 6:00AM – 3:00PM, Monday – Sunday, and serve breakfast all day. For more information, you can check out their Facebook page or their website.

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One thought on “Creekside Pleasantville Diner – Oley, PA

  1. Earlene A. Snyder says:

    Awesome Breakfast spot!!! We live in Wyomissing area near Reading, PA & the I-HOP should send their managers to this place to witness what a really good Berks County Breakfast is like!! 💫

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