Product Review: Randy’s Pickles


The wife and I discovered a couple of years ago, while breakfasting at Katzinger’s Deli in Columbus, that with just the right style of grub, breakfast pickles are a must!! So when the guys at Randy’s Pickles contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trying out their product, I was hoping I’d get another chance at a great-tasting pickle that would pair well with some corned beef hash. What I got was a big jar of great-tasting pickles that were an awesome accompaniment to every single thing we ate them with, including breakfast!!

The crew at Randy’s Pickles have been hand-crafting their pickles since 2012, when founder, Andrew Rainey, started pickling his own cucumbers at his grandmother’s house. His hobby quickly grew into a successful business, as people all over the Cleveland area started discovering Randy’s Pickles at various farmer’s markets around town. Four years later, working from grandma’s kitchen is a memory and instead they’re cranking out some of the tastiest pickles around from a professional production kitchen in Cleveland. Each jar is hand-packed using all-natural products and preservatives.


I was given a jar of their classic Deli Style Dill pickles to sample, and I’ve got to tell you guys, they were seriously legit. I absolutely LOVED how the jar was filled with tons of fresh spices and seasonings, along with the crisp pickle halves. If you’re a spicy pickle fan, Randy’s also has you covered with a Spicy Dill option, and their even hotter Mustache on Fire pickles!!  In addition to pickles, Randy’s also sells pickled asparagus, pineapple, Brussels sprouts, salsa and more!!

To find out more on Randy’s Pickles, or to place your online order (which I highly recommend you do) you can visit their website HERE – it’s the perfect way for all of us in Philly and elsewhere across the country to enjoy them!! Randy’s Pickles are also now available at your local Giant Eagle Market District stores.

Product was provided by Randy’s Pickles for sampling. Opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Randy’s Pickles

  1. AlohaJo says:

    I just recently tried a couple of varieties of Randy’s Pickles. Seeing as the rest of my family doesn’t like pickles, I took them to the firehouse. We had the Mustache on Fire and the Sideburns. The Mustache on Fire are a great spicy pickle. They are not going to make a pepperhead cry, but the faint of heart will probably not enjoy them. The Sideburns, a grilled/charred pickle, are very interesting. The grilling adds a distinct flavor to an already great pickle. Thanks James for letting others know about these tasty pickles. And since Cleveland can’t have any championship teams, at least they can make winning pickles!

  2. Ann says:

    I just bought a jar of Grandma Knows Best Peppers. The flavor was great and I really enjoyed the heat. However, I didn’t care at all for the texture of the peppers. They were mushy which was really disappointing since I paid $8.49 for a jar.

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