Coffee With A Cop

This past weekend, the boy and I took part in the most recent installment of Norristown’s “Coffee with a Cop” program. The events, which are hosted by the Norristown Police Department, take place several times per year and are part of a community outreach initiative dedicated to building relationships – one cup at a time.

Several members of the police force gathered at the Dunkin Donuts on Main St. in Norristown from 8:00 – 10:30am this past Saturday morning to welcome patrons and members of the neighborhood with a hot cop of coffee, and a handshake.


The “Coffee with a Cop” program began in 2011 by the Hawthorne Police Dept. in Los Angeles. Today, there are Coffee with a Cop events all across the US, as well as in seven different countries.

coffecop (1)

“The great thing for us is to have contact with people when there is no agenda,” said Norristown police Lt. Robert Greenaway, who greeted pleasantly surprised customers at the door. “There’s no distress, no arrest or speeding ticket. It’s just an opportunity to have a nice conversation with people. The point of this is to build trust and good relationships that are long lasting,” said Greenaway. “That’s important because that’s how communities get better. That’s how communities move forward; to feel like we’re all in this together.”


When we arrived at around 9:00am, the donut shop was buzzing with activity. It was great to see the community gather and embrace the positive message of unity between citizens and law enforcement officials.


We also left with a big box of yummy donuts. And that’s always a good day.

I highly encourage you to check out your neighborhood’s website, Facebook page, or newspaper to see if there are any Coffee with a Cop events happening near you. If so, go check it out. It’s a great chance to chat with those who are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe.

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