Introducing The Delaware Valley Donut Trail!!

20110228-dynamo-donuts - 04

I’ve wanted to start a donut page on TBGG for quite a while, but the time was just never right. Until now.

Donuts are the quintessential breakfast treat. In my opinion, there is absolutely no better indulgence than a fresh, old-school style donut – moist, light cake shelled by a slightly crisp exterior and drowned in a heavenly sweet glaze. I absolutely love theย spirit, the quality, the aroma and the flavors of classic glazed and filled cakes, as well as the dedication of those who provide such delicacies to shlubs like me. Some of these places have been making these golden rounds for decades, and know the ins and outs of donuts like the backs of their hands. But not every old-school donut shop has to be housed in a decades old building. To me, a great donut is more about quality. I’ve visited many newer, trendy donut shops who produce a high quality product as well. Both of these kinds of places, and more importantly the delicious donuts they’re frying, is what The Delaware Valley Donut Trail is all about.

Inspired by my pal Jim Ellison’s “Ohio Donut Trail” on his longstanding Columbus food blog CMH Gourmand, I’ve decided to launch the Donut Trail to not only bring you reports and visual aides of all of the yummy donuts near you, but also to provide a calorie-free form of therapy to satisfy your inner fat kid (you’re welcome). This page will chronicle my donut discoveries throughout Eastern PA, Southern New Jersey and Delaware. And there’s only one rule…NO CHAINS!!

I’ve previously reviewed a couple of donut shops in the area, which I already went ahead and added to the page for good measure. In addition to awesome local breakfast and brunch, I will continue to constantly be in search of the best donuts in the tri-state area (as if I’ve ever NOT been looking for good donuts) to add to the DVDT list. Feel free to follow along, as well as send recommendations of your favorite shops. I’ll hopefully get to them all in time…and we’ll be sure to discover new donuts together along the way!!


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