Angel’s Donuts – Hatboro, PA


So I discovered Angel’s Donuts simply by drive-by. I had no idea that this place was nestled inside one of the older strip malls along County Line Rd. in the Hatboro/Warminster section of the suburbs until I spotted it by chance one day on the drive to my new place of work. I could tell just from the exterior that this would be a place that would definitely need some further exploration. I finally had a chance to stop in recently to check them out, and I was not disappointed with what I found inside.


Angel’s Donuts is what I would classify as a classic, old-school donut shop in pretty much every sense of the term. This right here is model Delaware Valley Donut Trail material, folks. The shop is just a small space…really dated inside and out (they’ve been here for 26 years!) but a perfect find for a guy like me. I visited the shop at around 10:00am on Tuesday morning, and the super friendly lady that was working (I didn’t catch her name, but for the sake of storytelling, I’ll henceforth refer to her as Esmerelda…don’t ask me why) said that I had just missed the morning rush and the crowd of regular “old guys” who gather every morning for their usual coffee and donuts (apparently they just sit in the chairs that line the walls and chat while they enjoy their morning treats?). She was busy putting out freshly filled trays of rounds into the front case.


The pricing/menu board that hung on the wall is exactly what you’d expect from a place like this, aesthetically speaking. And I loved it. The prices were pretty great, too. I mean, take a look..aside from ice cream (yes, they serve ice cream, too!), there’s not a single item over $1.85.


As far as donuts go, these were classic all the way. I feel pretty safe saying that if you’re looking for donuts coated in Fruit Loops or chunks of Snickers bar, you don’t want to come here. You won’t find them. But if you’re looking for classic donuts, Angel’s Donuts has you covered. I set my sights on the HUGE Apple Fritters. Esmerelda said they were their best seller. I’m a big fan of fritters…apple, cherry, pineapple, whatever. I knew one of these was coming home with me.


Some of their other popular styles are the “regular” (white) cream, the Boston cream filled, classic glazed, and more.


Take a look at those buns!! “Coffee Rolls” and Sticky Buns looked amazing, though I didn’t get to try these this time around.


If you’re on a diet….I’m sorry.


I was quite surprised to find Black Raspberry filled donuts, because my wife is a fanatic of these. They’re a pretty tough find. The Butter Croissants looked good, too.


Filled danish, and MORE donuts…..


more, and more, and more…..


And a whole lot more.


Now that you’re paying attention, I’ll tell you about this MONSTER Apple fritter I got. It was perfectly fried on the outside and the glaze was sweet and amazing. Oh, and it was almost as big as my face (that’s the best part!).


Honestly, I’ve been trying to cut down on the sugar intake lately, so Mrs. Grub Guy and I split one of these. The apple bits weren’t as plentiful as I was expecting, which was a little disappointing, but the donut itself still had a very pleasant apple fritter flavor overall. The dough was fresh and a little chewy, just like you want this kind of donut to be.

Angel’s Donuts obviously knows donuts. With almost three decades of frying under their belt, they’ve got the winning recipe for old-school charm in this area. Super fresh, tasty cakes, friendly service, and dependability….three things that fans like me of classic donuts and classic donut shops just can’t get enough of.

Angel’s Donuts is located at 267 E. County Line Rd, Hatboro, PA 19040 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Friday, 5:30am – 5:00pm, Saturday, 6:00am – 5:30pm, and Sunday from 6:30am – 12:30am. For more info visit their Facebook page HERE.

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