Keystone Grill – Eagleville, PA


Last weekend, the wife and I decided we would get our Sunday brunch on, and after driving for a few minutes to what I had planned as our original destination, I realized that I had not been paying attention and had mistakenly been driving in the wrong direction (yay me). Without realizing where I was, I pulled into the Keystone Grill’s parking lot to turn around and head back the other way down Main Street. Once I saw where we were, I said to the wife, “Hey, you wanna just check this place out?”. She agreed, so we did. Keystone Grill – also known as the Family Bistro – is one of many diners along Main Street in the Norristown/Trooper/Eagleville area of Montgomery County. Although I would classify it as a slight step up from several other “greasy spoon” eateries in the area, one of their main attractions is a really good diner-style breakfast, which always gets huge brownie points from me.


The restaurant is quite a bit larger than I expected inside, with the main dining area seating probably a hundred or so people in both tables and booths. They also have a small overflow dining area in the back of the house that was full too! They were quite busy on the morning that we were there, with clientele of all demographics seemingly enjoying their meals. We took this as a good sign – either the food was great, the prices were good, or both! And even for as busy as they were, it didn’t feel overly crowded. I hate being smashed when I eat. One thing we both noticed was how it felt like it should be a lot darker inside than it actually was. Thankfully there was an abundance of keystone-shaped windows letting in lots of natural lighting. Otherwise, it might have felt like we were eating inside of a military bunker or something. Seriously though, it was very open and comfortable.


We waited for about 10 minutes for an open table, and there were probably 4-5 couples waiting behind us as we were seated. What was it about this place? As soon as I opened the menu, I knew. The large menu (as in actual size of the pages) was filled with tons of classic diner food options, a few specialties, build-your-owns, a kids menu, drinks and more…and the prices were terrific! Aside from the steaks, I don’t think there was a single meal on the menu above $7.99! The wife and I browsed as our friendly waitress brought coffee and water. She was very pleasant, but too busy to chat, which was totally understandable.


Ok, so I couldn’t pick just one breakfast. The first thing that caught my eye was the Florentine Benedict ($6.99). I mean, how can you go wrong with that? Slightly crisp English muffin, sauteed baby spinach, feta cheese, poached eggs, and hollandaise. It came with a side of fried potatoes which were really tasty.


To me, this benedict was perfectly executed. The muffin was toasted with a slightly crispy edge but still soft in the middle. It was constructed with a good helping of feta and spinach underneath of the poached eggs, and the hollandaise had a great consistency and flavor. Sometimes I’m a little leary about hollandaise, because when it’s too lemony, it’s all just ruined for me. But this was about as good as I’ve had.


Keeping with the hollandaise vibe, Mrs. Grub Guy ordered the Massachusetts Omelet ($7.49), which was a 2-egger made with fresh ingredients. They have a dozen or so “State Omelets”, but I’m not really sure how they decided which states got which fillers. This one had sliced turkey breast, bacon, onions, peppers, tomatoes and was topped with that delicious hollandaise. This is where my breakfast pet peeves come into play. Many restaurants and diners confuse what I would call a “scramble” for an omelet. I totally understand that it’s quicker and easier to mix everything together this way rather than to cook the traditional fold-over egg blanket with the filler in the middle, so…why not just call it a scramble on the menu? Anyway, the wife enjoyed it. She said it all tasted really fresh and had good flavor, but it would have been better as an actual omelet. She also got some potatoes and buttered rye toast with her breakfast.


We also tried the Grilled Cinnamon Roll ($2.49). This came out more like a cinnamon roll french toast. It was yummy for what it was, but it could have been outstanding had it included a sweet icing drizzle, or maybe some maple butter or something. Heck, I’d have even taken some basic maple syrup. As it was, we just added a little butter and ate it that way. Like I said, it was pretty good, but it could have been great with a little more effort.


And so we come to my second breakfast. Yes, I ordered two breakfasts. I couldn’t resist. Sausage gravy & biscuits are just my thing, and I really haven’t found it all that often in this area (I guess it’s a cultural thing, as I’ve found that more diners around here lean more toward the creamed chipped beef option instead). Keystone Grill’s Sausage Gravy & Biscuit ($5.99) was a very pleasant surprise. It was one split biscuit topped with a river of very creamy, white sage gravy and a ton of sliced sausage link pieces.


Oh my gosh you guys…this gravy was SO GOOD! It was on the thinner side, which was fine, and the flavor was amazing! The heaviness on the sage gave this a really unique taste, and the plentiful sausage pieces added a bit of spice. It wasn’t greasy at all, neither was it too floury. The biscuit itself was delicious too – soft, moist and fresh. It also came with a big helping of the fried potatoes, which we doggie-bagged, along with one of the biscuit halves covered in gravy and sausage. I’d go here again just to get this!

Overall, we were really pleased with breakfast/brunch at Keystone Grill. Some of the things we ordered were really on point (hollandaise, sausage gravy) while others might benefit from a little refining (omelet, cinnamon roll), but more importantly, everything was really fresh and flavorful. The service was good even for as busy as they were, and the staff was friendly. And as for the prices, bottom line is it’s tough to beat this place. Honestly, considering these factors, it’s a better option for my money than some of the other diners in the immediate area. I’m sure we’ll be back whenever we’re in the mood for a quick family breakfast.

Keystone Grill is located at 2838 W. Main St, Eagleville, PA 19403 (MAP). They’re open 7 days a week from 6:00AM – 10:PM and serve breakfast all day. To find out more, visit their Facebook page HERE.

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