Not So Brekkie: Warminster Deli – Warminster, PA


So, I’m really getting into these little neighborhood deli shops. I don’t normally write about take-out food – in fact, I’m not sure that I’ve ever written about take-out food in the last 4 years of writing this blog – but not for any other reason than the fact that other than cheap Chinese food, I’ve never really had a lot of exposure to it. We really didn’t have many of these types of convenient little places where I lived in Columbus (I can think of maybe 2 off hand is all). I know that seems hard to believe, since they’re pretty much all over the place around here, but really, there were not many places where you could stop in to get a quick cheesesteak, hoagie, or even a salad – we ordered from pizza shops or Jimmy Johns for that type of thing. But I’ve found several deli’s in the area that provide a pretty decent lunch alternative to the fast food joints or Chinese take-out shops, and so I thought I’d highlight one of the new favorites that I’ve happened upon recently, the Warminster Deli. Warminster Deli is located along a stretch of County Line Rd, just between Hatboro and Warminster, that is pretty scarce when it comes to lunch options during the work week. I work in this area, and really, it’s been my go-to place recently when I’ve wanted to eat out for lunch.


Warminster Deli is a very simple and uncomplicated place. They’ve got two deli cases – one for meats, one for cheeses & cold salads – a couple of drink coolers, a pickle barrel, a chip rack and a pay counter. And that’s all you need, really. It’s run by two friendly, hardworking guys who are there every time I visit, and are always willing to chat. One of the guys works the deli cases, the other works the grill. Smooth operation.


From what I understand, the menu at Warminster Deli is really not all that different than most of the corner deli’s scattered around the city and the surrounding area. Aside from their take-out deli service, they’ve got your standard steaks, hoagies, other hot & cold sandwiches, wraps, salads, appetizers such as chicken fingers and cheese fries, etc. They do have a few specialty items that I’ve not really seen before, like the Rachel (counterpart to the Reuben – with hot turkey breast, swiss cheese and coleslaw) or the Spicy & Spicy hoagie (buffalo chicken & pepper jack cheese). They have a specials board located inside the shop which usually features a couple of selected sandwiches at a discounted price, and they’ve also recently added a few different tortas (Mexican sandwiches) to the board. I’ve only tried a handful of things that they offer, but I think what separates this place from the other deli’s I’ve tried is that everything I’ve had so far has been really flavorful and seasoned well…something that it seems could be easily overlooked when preparing food at a place like this.


One of my favorites is the Special Cheesesteak ($6.95). It’s a big, 12-inch sandwich filled with chopped steak, fried onions, peppers, mushrooms, a river of melted white American cheese on the bottom, and pizza sauce on top (I always get it sans the sauce). They use a really good, sturdy roll that holds everything in really well and provides the desired chew with each bite.


I’ve been told that true Philadelphian’s don’t eat peppers on their steaks, but hey, I’m not from around these parts, so I like it this way. The amount of meat they pile into this sandwich is ridiculous, in a very, very good way and it’s not the least bit gristly. The cheese:meat ratio is always just right, and they season the steak perfectly during the grilling process. This is probably my favorite steak I’ve had so far since moving here (although admittedly there are still tons of top spots I still haven’t tried yet), and it is definitely worth the trip alone, IMO.


One of the other sandwiches we’ve tried is the Hot Pork Italian special (w/ fries for $7.50). Roast pork sandwiches like this are just not something you find in Columbus, so I am pretty new to this one. Again, I know there are more popular places to buy these at, but I just haven’t gotten there yet. But this version was pretty darn tasty. What makes this sandwich “Italian” is the addition of sharp provolone cheese and roasted red peppers along with the roast pork and broccoli rabe.


Again, I was very pleased with the seasoning of the pork itself…slightly salty, slightly garlicky, and the rabe gave it good flavor as well. The one criticism I have is that unfortunately they didn’t spread the rabe throughout the whole sandwich, so sometimes you’re getting mostly pork, cheese & bread (as seen above, which wasn’t a bad thing in itself), but then some bites are all rabe. I’d like it a little more evenly disbursed. That being said, this sandwich is definitely worth a stop for as well. The fries are good…from a bag, but cooked and salted well.

With sandwich quality hitting high marks like these, this place will probably stay a definite lunchtime stop for me as long as I’m in the neighborhood. If you are, or happen to be driving through, give them a try. I’ve just barely scratched the surface of what they offer, but I’m looking forward to trying some of the other things they’re cooking up at this great little spot, and some of their deli sandwiches, too.

Warminster Deli is located at 275 E. County Line Rd, Warminster, PA 19040. They’re open Monday – Saturday, from 8:30am – 7:00pm, and Sunday 8:30am – 6:00pm. 

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