Bagelicious – King of Prussia, PA


This past weekend, the wife and I were in the mood for some good bagels, so I headed over to KOP to check out a shop that was recommended to me several months ago by one of my readers. I’m always open to suggestions for new places to try, and Bagelicious is just the kind of little hidden gem, mom & pop shop I love to discover. The shop is tucked away in a very unlikely location – inside of a small strip mall that’s actually in the middle of a residential neighborhood and far from the beaten path. As I arrived at the shop and before I entered, I sat in my car and watched for a few minutes as at least a half dozen people came in and out with bags of breakfast goodness. This place appeared to have no trouble attracting customers even for as odd of a location as the they seemed to be in. I was definitely intrigued, and figured that all of this business must be taken as a sign of good things to come.


The mood inside the shop is pleasant and cheerful, as evidenced by the two bright and sunny teenagers in this photo (pssshhhh….sarcasm). Actually, I don’t know what these kids’ problems were, but everyone I talked to was extremely friendly and helpful. I got a chance to meet the owner, Linda, and she also was very nice. The set-up inside is simple: bagels to the right, a handful of tables to the left, and a couple of cases full of all kinds of yummy cream cheese, cold deli salads, and fresh baked goods to separate us from the work space. I’m not sure if it’s because we visited on a Saturday morning, or if this place is always this slammed, but it was pretty much packed the entire time we were there, with a line almost out the door at one point. The several tables that are present were filled with folks enjoying fresh bagels and breakfast sandwiches.

Bagelicious offers a pretty standard menu of bagels and such, as well as a nice list of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. For breakfast, their bagels with 2 eggs, cheese and meat (bacon/ham/pork roll/sausage/scrapple) is king, while the western omelet bagel or Nova Lox are also good choices, according to Linda.


The friendly girl behind the counter assisted me in choosing a Baker’s Dozen ($9.75) of bagels to go, and we brought them home to enjoy. There’s nothing like opening up a bag full of fresh bagels and that aroma smacking you right in the face!!


Bagelicious’ bagels are delivered strait from a New York supplier, and are baked fresh every day. We couldn’t help but order up a big variety of some of our old favorites, but also discovered some new ones we liked, too! We also ordered a Large Vegetable Cream Cheese ($7.45), which was really good (more on that below).


Grub Boy loves his blueberry bagels, so we had to grab one of those. We also sampled the onion, french toast, 8-grain, everything, marble, apple cinnamon and egg bagels.


If you’re looking for trendy, rainbow colored, fad bagels…I don’t think you’ll find them here. If you’re looking for solid, old school bagel delish, these guys deliver it.


Ok, I know you’re drooling now. Man, this cream cheese was packed with so many crisp little delicious veggie bits it was truly a masterpiece! Sooo good! They offer quite a wide variety of different cream cheeses in small, medium or large containers.


The texture of Bagelicious’ bagels are more soft and doughy than the chewiness I was expecting. The french toast bagel was a winner, with a hint of vanilla and little cinnamon gems throughout.


The wife went right for the veggie cream cheese (her favorite), and chose a marble bagel as it’s cradle.


I opted for one of my favorites, the everything bagel, and fried up a quick egg & sausage to throw between the bottom and the lid. I love a good breakfast sandwich, especially when we have good bagels to make them with! The everything bagel had a great flavor, given that its got a little bit of…well, everything…going for it. Really good stuff.

We’re big fans of fresh, NY bagels and really enjoyed sampling these bagels and cream cheese. The shop’s location will probably prevent it from being a place we just happen to stop in for a sandwich while we’re out or for a bagel with cream cheese to go, but the next time we have a craving, or are stocking up for an easy breakfast or snack when family are visiting, we won’t hesitate at all to return for bagels that are simply…Bagelicious!

ProTip: They freeze well, and the shop even offers freezer bags at the register so that if you’ll be saving some for later, you’ll at least have the right equipment for it.

Bagelicious is located at 216 W. Beidler Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Saturday, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm, and Sunday, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. For more info, feel free to visit their Facebook page.


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