One Cup Joe: A single-serve coffee drinker’s Wonderland


Ok, true confession time: I don’t always drink coffee made by a local roaster or served in a local coffee shop (gasp!). While I absolutely love a good pour over, espresso drinks, cold brew and more, most weekdays I’m chugging down a quick, single-serve cup of coffee before jetting out the door on my way to work. Sure, I could get up 20 minutes earlier and grind some beans for a fresh pot, but I’m too lazy for that a lot of the time. Like millions of coffee-loving Americans, the Keurig machine has become one of my most dependable friends, one who never lets me down when I’m in need of a quick dose of caffeine. I’m a slave to those little plastic cups full of ground coffee goodness that are just waiting to burst forth with the nectar of the gods to satisfy my morning thirst. And you know what really sucks? When you go to grab a pod and you realize that the tray is almost empty and it’s time to buy more again. That was where I found myself recently when I ventured into One Cup Joe on York Rd. in Warminster.


I had discovered One Cup Joe when searching the area for breakfast spots on Yelp a few months ago when I started a new job in that area, and it’s actually taken me all this time to find some free time to visit. One Cup Joe is a small retail space dedicated to single-serve coffee cups. A lot of their business focuses around supplying coffee to other local business…the kind of places that have a need for lots and lots of single-serve coffee cups in break rooms, conference rooms, etc. But it’s also very welcoming to normal folks like us who need their K-cup trays and carousels refilled.


There are two sides to One Cup Joe. The first is the boxed single cup. OCJ offers dozens of varieties of boxed K-cups, some of which you may be able to find at other local retailers, but many of which you can’t. I got a chance to talk with Ken Zajac, owner of the Warminster store, and he explained that they offer many brands in a 24-count box, so that you’re not locked into a 48 or more cup commitment like you are at the big-box retailers, but that they also have 12 and 18-count as well.


The other aspect of the shop – and the thing that draws in most non-commercial business – is the mix & match wall of individual cups. Seriously, they’ve got to have at least a couple hundred different coffees, teas, and specialty drinks to pick from. For just $15.99, you get a tray and are set loose to pick whatever you want to fill up 24 spots. Ken has the wall sorted by roast and flavor, but it was still a bit overwhelming. I mean…come on…I was like a fat kid in a candy store. Ok, in reality I’m a fat guy in a coffee store. Same thing.


I did my best to consider coffees that the wife would like too, and I think I got a pretty good variety: some medium roasts, some dark, and a few “foo foo” flavors. I was a little disappointed that the selection was 100% national brands though. I think it would be absolutely awesome if there was a small section dedicated to local coffee, since many local roasters sell their own K-cups now. Ken and I actually talked about that quite a bit while I was there. Maybe that will change in the future. Another cool little feature is that they have a couple of machines set up in the shop so if you want to try out a coffee before taking some home, you can brew a whole-cup sample for just $0.99! Ken said that some of the other shop owners and workers in the plaza stop in to try a different cup of coffee every morning.

But yeah, no matter how much you love supporting the local coffee scene (like I do), you can’t always avoid popping a K-cup into the machine for that quick cuppa joe. So I totally recommend checking our One Cup Joe for just such a necessity. The variety is unbeatable. You could probably even try 24 of something different for quite a while before repeating a cup, if you wanted to go that route.

So, go here. It’s a cool place. End of story.


One Cup Joe is located atΒ 352 York Rd, Warminster, PA 18974 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, and Sunday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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