Not So Brekkie: Monty’s Sandwich Shop – Southampton, PA


Yeah, so I’ve definitely been on a sandwich kick lately while scouting the Philly ‘burbs. Lots of little deli’s and take-out places have been my lunch spots of choice as I continue to familiarize myself with Philadelphia’s hoagies (which, from growing up in Ohio, I will forever refer to as subs….”hoagies” just seems so foreign), steaks, roast pork and more. I recently checked out Monty’s Sandwich Shop in Southampton with a couple of co-workers after seeing a take-out menu on someone’s desk. As I flipped through it, it just kept getting better with a HUGE variety of their specialty sandwiches, hoagies, steaks, paninis, salads, etc.


Monty’s Sandwich Shop is located in a strip mall on 2nd St. Pike right in Southampton. The parking is plentiful although it seems like it could get pretty crowded during prime meal times.  We were there at around 1:15 pm, and thankfully it seemed like the big lunch crowd had already passed through. The shop is a good sized space, with several small, 2-seater tables up front and booths lining one of the walls. They have a big, open prep area/kitchen just behind the counter which I always appreciate. After checking out the menu boards, you simply order at the counter, take a cup for a fountain drink or grab something from the cooler, and find a seat. They call your name when your grub is ready.


Monty’s menu is absolutely huge, but strangely, doesn’t feel overwhelming. The main section is known a their “Signature Sandwiches”, many of which are their own creations. That section alone consists of around 20 different handheld behemoths that made my taste buds tingle just reading the breakdown for each.


I placed my order and decided to go with something they call the Jersey Turnpike ($7.65). It’s listed as one of their most popular picks, and it was easy to see why. It was a really nice blend of fresh-cut, imported rib-eye meat which they hand-trim in house, chicken steak, bacon and my choice of cheese. It’s all cradled inside of a fresh, sturdy roll, and includes a dill pickle spear.


First, this sandwich was really, really tasty. The steak meat, both beef and chicken, were well seasoned, and of course the bacon just added some delicious bacony flavor. Surprisingly, the sandwich wasn’t huge, but wasn’t disappointing either. The meats came out plenty hot. I’ve learned that one of the keys to a good cheesesteak is making sure your meat is hot enough to keep your cheese semi-liquified into a smooth, flowing river of gooeyness so that it kind of melds together with the meat. I chose White American – the perfect cheesesteak cheese in my opinion, which it could have used a little more of to coat more of the meat. I’ll leave the whiz to the cheese fries.


Another one of Monty’s most often ordered items is their version of a Cuban ($7.50). It’s quite the large sandwich as far as overall size goes, although unfortunately not so much in substance as a whole when it comes to the breakdown of it’s parts.


Monty’s wraps their Cuban in warm, grilled panini bread which looked nice. Inside they stack sliced ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and a yummy honey mustard spread. My co-worker only ate half of this and offered me a part of the other. Flavor-wise, it was ok. I’m not a fan of using panini bread for a Cuban, although the bread was probably the tastiest part of the sandwich. Really, all I could taste was the ham and the mustard. Needed more pork. And cheese. But overall, not bad. I’d give it another try.


And Monty’s does more than just sandwiches. Here’a a shot of their Hot Wings ($10 for 12). Their wings come in orders all the way up to 48 wings (THAT’S what I’m talking about!). I didn’t get a chance to sample these, but they looked pretty good, if you like really saucy wings. Looked like they were cooked well.


Monty’s is my kind of shop. Locally owned and operated by a couple of local guys just trying to put out some tasty food, they’ve got quite the fan base in this part of town. I’m definitely going to keep them in rotation as a solid lunch place as I work my way through their menu.

Also, just as a side note…I love their logo. It reminds me of Sean Connery’s character in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is pretty much my second favorite film ever (right behind Raiders of the Lost Ark)!!

Pro Tip: Monty’s Sandwich Shop offers “VIP Club” specials which you can receive by texting “Montys” to 91944. They will text you their specials frequently (often daily) which you can show to the cashier at the register to take advantage of the discounts. Also keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter pages for specials, too!

Monty’s Sandwich Shop is located at 354 Second St. Pike, Southampton, PA 18966 (MAP). They’re open Sunday – Thursday, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm, and Friday – Saturday, 11:00 am – 9:00 pm. For more info, check out their website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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