Cowabunga Coffee Roasters – Warrington, PA


When New Jersey’s number one breakfast and brunch restaurant, Turning Point, opened its very first Pennsylvania location just north of Philly this past Summer, I must have had at least a half dozen folks send me links to articles touting the spectacular eats that were soon coming our way. I was certainly intrigued, since I hadn’t eaten at Turning Point before, but possibly what interested me more was the fact that they were also opening their first ever roasting spot, independent from the restaurant, right next door. Cowabunga Coffee Roasters has been going strong since June, and I have been intending to get over that way for months. I finally had the opportunity to do so recently to check them out and grab a pour over.


The roaster/shop is snugly tucked into the beautiful Shops at Valley Square shopping center off of Main Street/Rt 611 in Warrington, just north of Street Rd. It’s the perfect location with regard to foot traffic (that whole mall is a shopper’s paradise with upscale stores and restaurants) but is also pretty easily accessible from the main road. I had never been to that shopping center before and it only took me a couple of minutes driving around to locate the shop. It’s just around the corner from the restaurant with its own entrance and parking spaces, although there is a walkway inside between the two for easy access. Inside is bright, clean and new.


The space isn’t huge, but there are several Β 2-top tables and a small space to relax in one of several comfy arm chairs. They also sell a wide variety of merchandise, coffee beans, and brewing equipment. They share a nice patio space just outside with the restaurant, which would be perfect during the warmer months.


The shop is a full-service coffee roasting operation dedicated to sourcing the highest grade of coffee beans using only 100% Arabica beans. The team has over 40 years of roasting experience. They use a Diedrich roaster, which is recognized as one of the best small batch roasters available. They also use triple-filtered water for brewing and a micro-mesh pour-over process that ensures all of the flavor and oils travel directly into each cup.


Their drink menu features around a dozen different pour-overs including four signature blends – Bucks County Light Blend, Turning Point House Blend and the Cowabunga Blend (both medium), and the Jersey Devil Blend (dark). They also serve Espresso, hot chocolate, and loose leaf teas as well as cold brew coffee, Nitro-brewed coffee, and more. As for food, they offer breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, bagels, fresh-baked pastries and other snacks.


I took the recommendation of the barista and ordered the Columbia Cauca pour-over ($2.75/20-oz), a traditional cup with a smooth caramel pecan finish.


It was most excellent, although I did find that without the paper filter, many more grounds ended up in the bottom of my drink. After adding a little sweetener and a dribble of locally-sourced half & half ( I know it’s frowned upon by most “true” coffee aficionados but whatever), I was good as gold.


I really enjoyed Cowabunga Coffee Roasters. The store itself is very welcoming, clean and comfortable, and it’s not hard to get to even being inside of a large shopping area. The barista was extremely friendly and was knowledgeable about their coffees, which is always a good thing. And I definitely can’t wait to try their Nitro brew or some of their cold brew coffees (especially since they make them with coffee ice cubes!!). Next time, I’ll have to be sure that I have time to hop over next door to grab some breakfast or brunch at Turning Point, too!

Cowabunga Coffee Roasters is located at 1584 Main St, Warrington, PA 18976 (MAP). They’re open from 6:30 AM – 4:30 PM, 7 days a week. For more info, check out their website or their FacebookΒ and Instagram pages.

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