Jeffersonville Diner – Norristown, PA


The Jeffersonville Diner on Egypt Rd. in the Jeffersonville/Audubon/Norristown area has long been a local breakfast and lunch establishment in that neighborhood. It was closed down for quite a while, and just within the last few weeks has opened under new ownership. I remember this place from when we lived in this area years ago, although I never ate there, and I was sort of surprised when we moved back here last year to learn that it had closed. The wife and I had spotted a full parking lot and a “Grand Opening” sign out front while we were Christmas shopping nearby a couple of weeks ago, and decided we  should check them out some time. Well, the day after Christmas, when the rest of the family took a trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, we headed here for a quick breakfast before going to see Rogue One.


The dining room was sort of quiet, despite the day being a day off for a lot of people. Although to be fair, we stopped in here right between breakfast and lunch. The restaurant was pretty clean and the tables were roomy. Lots of neutral tones going on here decorating-wise, with a couple of big windows to let in some natural light.


Jeffersonville Diner’s breakfast menu takes up two full pages of their rather large menu (both in physical size and variety). Page one features over 30 different omelettes as well as egg platters, specialty dishes and a la cart items. Page two is a full smorgasbord of waffles, pancakes and french toast.


The service we received at Jeffersonville Diner was great. Our waitress was very friendly and when we asked a couple of questions about some of the dishes, she was happy to go check with the kitchen to get answers for us. Our cups were kept full of diner brown coffee, the creamer packets were plentiful and our food arrived fairly quickly to our table.


Mrs. Grub Guy debated between several options, but decided upon the Quiche of the Day special ($6.95), which included her choice of bread and fresh fruit.


She was told they had two quiches to choose from – a bacon quiche, and a sausage AND bacon quiche. The wife, being the meat-lover she is, opted for the latter. However, when the plate came to the table, it appeared that they had given her a totally different quiche altogether. It definitely had some veggies in there, and she said it may or may not have had some bacon pieces on top. Whatever it was, she actually really enjoyed it. She chose an English muffin as her bread and said it was fresh and chewy. Both good things.


I really didn’t have a clue what I was in the mood for…which is rare. I scoured the menu for several minutes before finding a dish that I had never seen before, the Eggs “Pancake Style” with pastrami brisket ($8.75). It was buried deep in the middle of the Omelette section of the menu.


Going off of the name of the dish only, I surmised that it could possibly be some sort of open-faced omelette, which was confirmed by our server. When my plate came out to the table, I was really intrigued with my meal. It was actually a stack of three medium-sized “pancakes” – simply just layers of scrambled egg with diced pastrami added. It came with my choice of toast and some really delicious home fries.


The pastrami was really tasty and pretty plentiful. It was an interesting twist on breakfast, as opposed to just offering a pastrami omelette. I would have liked to see maybe a sprinkle of shredded cheddar on top or something, but overall it was filling and we were very satisfied.

Jeffersonville Diner was a great start to our day without the kiddo. Breakfast was hot and filling, and we both enjoyed our food. With many, many places around to satisfy a diner-food craving, at least this spot seems to be trying to stand out a little with some simple twists on typical breakfast meals.

Jeffersonville Diner is located at 236 Egypt Rd, Norristown, PA 19403 (MAP). They’re open Monday – Sunday, 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM. For more info, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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