“Foodee” Caters Philly’s Best Breakfasts and Lunches Straight to Your Office

In large cities like Philadelphia, food delivery services are plentiful. A simple internet search will produce a handful of companies that make it relatively easy for you to place an online order at your favorite local Chinese take-out place for some of that Egg Drop Soup that you love, or to the cafe downtown that makes that killer breakfast burrito, and forwards it to someone who will deliver your meal to you when you don’t feel like going out. Pretty convenient, right? You bet!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the same conveniences translated to the corporate world, like when you’re feeding a conference room full of clients, or you’re planning to treat your office to a catered meal in the company lunchroom, but you don’t want the same old generic cold-cuts? How about when you’re working the weekend shift – it’s early Saturday morning and your work peeps are not only bummed that they have to be at work, but they missed breakfast and they’re hangry?

For times like these, there’s Foodee.


Foodee is a customer-focused, web-based restaurant delivery service for offices in Philly and in several other large cities across the U.S. They partner only with high-quality, local restaurants and focus on environmentally-friendly delivery methods. They work to enhance culture and productivity for companies by providing some of the best food from some of the best restaurants in the city. We’re talking about unbelievably delicious grub like:

  • Chef Mark Vetri’s Pizzeria Vetri
  • Authentic Philly breakfasts from Girard
  • Bagels inspired by Philly tradition at Philly Style Bagels
  • Delectable sandwiches & savory salads from Wedge + Fig
  • Mexican classics by Cafe Ynez
  • Rustic American cuisine from Brick and Mortar
  • Mind-blowing sandwiches from Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop
  • Locally roasted coffee from Ox Coffee
  • and so many more of your favorite places…over 50+ local restaurants!

Foodee only partners with local owner-operated restaurants (no chains!), and they’re proud to be able to offer a localized team of experts to work with. You see, Foodee isn’t like other food delivery services who will deliver just anything…they believe the quality of food matters! They’ve carefully curated menus that appeal to a large variety of tastes and ensure every touchpoint is tailored to your catering needs, which is crucial in a corporate setting – well made food fuels the body and mind, driving ideas, connection, and team performance. Foodee partners and empowers local food innovators to help them with that mission.


Since launching in 2012, Foodee has grown rapidly, establishing 4000+ customers, 400+ restaurant partnerships, and delivering 500,000+ meals in 10 North American cities. But what makes Foodee different in Philly than other corporate caterers? “Every city is very uniquely its own group of people…” Foodee CEO Ryan Spong recently told Betakit.com, “The market takes on its own unique character. A little of it comes down to the food culture. The food culture is very different in every city.”

Foodee seems to have the right idea when it comes to planning for success in the City of Brotherly Love. Simply put, Foodee has pretty much set itself apart from other consumer-focused services by catering specifically to corporate clientele and partnering with high-demand restaurants for not only corporate lunches but for breakfast, too! That business model is one I can definitely support.

If you’re looking for a corporate catering partner for your office or business, these guys are the real deal. And for the entire month of March, Foodee is offering readers of TBGG a special offer – $20 off your corporate catering order of $40 or more!! Simply use the discount code “GRUBGUY” when you order online to apply your savings!

For more information or to place an order, feel free to check out Foodee online at their website, www.food.ee .

Special thanks to Sam Hawkins of Foodee for all of his assistance with this post.

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