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Do you own a local business, restaurant or food truck? What better way to advertise your business than with an ad in the sidebar of a popular local food blog?? I offer VERY reasonable rates based on three month and six month terms! Please feel free to inquire with me at

If you’d like to contact me in regard to hosted giveawaysappearances, judging, interviews, or other media events, or if you own a restaurant and would like to let me know about it (I never turn down a meal, a coffee mug or a t-shirt), please send me an email at:

If you’d like to discuss any other aspect of the blog, please feel free to email me, leave me a comment below, or you can connect with me on social media:

Facebook –

Twitter – @Bfastgrubguy1

Instagram – thebreakfastgrubguy


10 thoughts on “Advertising & Contact Info

  1. Richard (Rick) Hoge ( pronounced like the sandwich, just spelled differently) says:

    So glad someone brought you to our side of town and everything you said about King Gyro’s I’ve been saying for years :). The staff there is incredibly friendly, each and every time you visit and Yianni has no qualms at all to coming out from the back and sitting and talking to customers. Next time you go I seriously suggest the Chicken Lemon Soup ( which I swear has medicinal properties) and also I would recommend the calamari, the best I have had anywhere.
    Thanks again for getting the King Gyro’s name out there, being located in Whitehall it often gets overlooked by the closer to downtown Greek eateries, plus Yianni is the type of owner once you’ve had his little taste of Greece, people just want to shout it out loud, Why is this great little restaurant overlooked by so many.
    Rick Hoge, Loyal King Gyro’s customer

  2. Lisa says:

    If you like fish and chips you need to visit Rustys Wharf in Pataskala Ohio. Everything is cooked to order and has the friendliest staff I have ever met. It is a must visit !!!

  3. Craig says:

    Any plans to visit Cafe Creekside in Gahanna? Highly recommend the breakfast buffet; is operational when the weather cools, like October to mid-May.

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